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      1. Speeches

        Upcoming Deadline

        Submission deadline extended to:

        June 15, 2020


        DataSys 2020 Congress
        Lisbon, Portugal
        Sep 27 - Oct 01, 2020

        • AICT 2020, The Sixteenth Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications
        • ICIW 2020, The Fifteenth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services
        • ICIMP 2020, The Fifteenth International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection
        • SMART 2020, The Ninth International Conference on Smart Cities, Systems, Devices and Technologies
        • IMMM 2020, The Tenth International Conference on Advances in Information Mining and Management
        • INFOCOMP 2020, The Tenth International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation
        • MOBILITY 2020, The Tenth International Conference on Mobile Services, Resources, and Users
        • SPWID 2020, The Sixth International Conference on Smart Portable, Wearable, Implantable and Disability-oriented Devices and Systems
        • ACCSE 2020, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in Computation, Communications and Services




        Published by IARIA XPS Press

        Archived in the free access ThinkMind Digital Library

        Prints available at Curran Associates, Inc.

        Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions to a IARIA Journal

        Indexing Procedure


        Here is a list of speeches presented during past conferences. Links are given to relevant materials as provided by the authors.

        NexComm 2020 - Lisbon, Portugal

        Performance Analysis of NASA Deep Space Communications Systems - Expectations and Lessons Learned
        Timothy T. Pham, Chief Deep Space Network System Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory - California Institute of Technology, USA

        Can Secure Computing Solve the Data Security Issues in the Cloud?
        Mamadou H. Diallo, United States Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific - San Diego, U.S. Department of Defense, USA

        Fast Mobility and the Telecommunications Convergence
        Expert Panel on Telecommunications and Mobility

        Moving the SDN-NFV into the RAN
        Carlo Vitucci, Ericsson, Sweden

        Adding Value to Satellite Images using Machine Learning and Image Processing Techniques
        José Manuel Fonseca, UNINOVA, Portugal

        Big/Small Data and Software Adaptation Approaches
        Expert Panel on Software and Data

        Directions in Machine Learning
        Michele Covell, Google, Inc., USA

        Systems Governance: An Overview on a New Trend Applied to Societal Systems
        Mo Mansouri, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA | University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway

        Cyber-systems: From Deep-Space to Deep-Waters
        Expert Panel on Networking and Systems

        A Skeptical View on AI Application in Science
        Jedrzej Rybicki, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany

        SoftNet 2019 - Valencia, Spain

        What is Simulation of Health Services Providing?
        Emilo Luque, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

        Designing by Considering User Feedback and Personalization
        Expert Panel on Citizen-Centric Systems

        Hardware Cybersecurity Attacks and Some Solutions
        Krishna Kavi, University of North Texas, USA

        Protecting the Systems based on Internet of Things and Big Data
        Expert Panel on Digital Services in Cyber Environments

        Advancing Automatic Programming: Regeneration, Meta-circularity, and Two-sided Interfaces
        Herwig Mannaert, University of Antwerp, Belgium

        Challenges on Performance, Safety and Requirements Conformance
        Expert Panel on Trends in Software Development and Verification

        Toward Trusted Blockchain Technology in Healthcare through Security and Privacy
        Lina Alfantoukh, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

        NetWare 2019 - Nice, France

        Application-Specific Reconfigurable Computing: Architectures, Applications and Tools
        Sergei Sawitzki, FH Wedel (University of Applied Sciences), Germany

        Complexity of (Cyber-)Security
        Expert Panel on Security

        Computing with Nano-crossbar Arrays
        Mustafa Altun, ?Tü Akademi, Turkey

        Advanced Sensors and Socio-environmental Policy in Decision Making for Food Production
        Paulo Cruvinel, Embrapa Instrumentation, Brazil

        Textiles / Clothing and Nanotechnology
        Paul Kiekens, Ghent University, Belgium

        Challenges in Dealing with Massive Data
        Expert Panel on IoT and Sensing

        Light Quanta on Beam Splitters
        Martin Suda, AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

        Systems Integration: Bumps and Hopes
        Expert Panel on Systems

        On-chip Photonic Interconnections: Wired and Wireless Technologies
        Giovanna Calò, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy
        Gaetano Bellanca, University of Ferrara, Italy

        NexTech 2019 - Porto, Portugal

        Customer Segmentation using Unsupervised Natural Language Processing
        Tim vor der Brück, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

        Advances in Data Processing
        Expert Panel

        Innovative Population-based Approaches for Analyzing Mobility Data in Continuous Health Monitoring Applications
        Hesham H. Ali, UNO Bioinformatics Core Facility, College of Information Science and Technology, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA

        Challenges on Cyber Services
        Expert Panel

        A Cyber Key to Log Analysis
        Steve Chan, Decision Engineering Analysis Laboratory, USA

        Reinforcement Learning: Learning to Learn
        Sandjai Bhulai, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands

        New Trends on Citizen-oriented Services [Evgeny Krastev's Slides]
        Expert Panel

        Accelerating Integration and Prototyping of IP for Mobile and AI SoCs
        Antonio J. Salazar, Synopsys, Portugal

        DataSys 2019 - Nice, France

        Deep Fake - Manipulations in Legal Relations using Artificial Intelligence
        Dirk Labudde, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany

        Emerging Trends in the Telecommunications for the Next Decade
        Expert Panel

        Lag Can Kill - Measuring, Modeling and Mitigating the Effects of Latency on Game Players
        Mark Claypool, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

        Preserving Quality during Information/Data Creation and Processing
        Expert Panel

        Smart Cities: Combining Technology with Citizen Participation
        Lasse Berntzen, University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway

        Digital Investigations and the Reliability of Evidence – Digital (Un)certainties
        Expert Panel

        Smart Living in the Smart Territory: Sustainability through Citizens’ Empowerment
        Catherine Elsen, University of Liège, Belgium

        InfoWare 2019 - Rome, Italy

        The Rational Dilation Wavelet Transform: A Flexible Tool for Perception-inspired Signal and Image Processing
        Vittoria Bruni, Domenico Vitulano

        Detecting and Classifying Implicit Expressions of Emotion from Text using Common-sense Knowledge and Crowdsourced Data
        Alexandra Balahur, European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, European Commission

        Mobility and Teaming: Challenges of Cooperation in Mobility Era
        Expert Panel

        Brain Connectivity in the Source Space: The Impact of Regularization and of Finite Data Length
        Michele Piana, Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Genova, Italy

        Information Processing: Processing Sensing Data
        Expert Panel

        Networking 2030
        Richard Li, VP FutureWei Technologies, USA

        Future Networking: Paving 5G+ Networking: Supporting Technologies and Solutions
        Expert Panel

        Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as an Enabler for Next Generation Mobility
        Hamid Menouar, QMIC - Qatar Mobility Innovations Center, Qatar

        Vehicular Challenges: New Vehicular Technologies and Urban Requirements
        Expert Panel

        InfoSys 2019 - Athens, Greece

        Data Modelling Using the Labeled Property Graph
        Fritz Laux

        Holographic Type Communications: Delivering the Promise of Future Media by 2030
        Kiran Makhijani, Futurewei Technologies, USA

        Trends, Challenges and Applications of Cognition in Modern Autonomous Systems
        Irina Topalova, FaGEEIM, Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria / University of Communications and Posts, Sofia, Bulgaria

        Towards 2030 and Beyond: Views on Next Services
        Expert Panel

        High Renewable Energy Penetration and Power System Security: New Challenges and Opportunities
        Michael Negnevitsky, University of Tasmania, Australia

        Model-based Approach to Internet of Things Forensics
        Juan-Carlos Bennett, Lead Cyber S&T Research Engineer, Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific, USA

        Trends on Body Networks: Cognitive and Human-friendly Devices
        Expert Panel

        A Review on Recent Active Research Projects on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
        Mohammad Sadraey, Southern New Hampshire University, USA

        Hidden Dangers on Energy of Digitalization: Energy Saving and Sustainable Energy
        Expert Panel

        Benchmarking the First-Committer-Wins StrongDBMS against a Standard Database
        Malcolm Crowe, University of the West of Scotland, United Kingdom


        ComputationWorld 2019 - Venice, Italy

        The Solution Landscape of the Digital Transformation: Diversification, Integration, and Coherence
        Hans-Werner Sehring, Namics Deutschland GmbH, Deutschland

        Cloud Computing and Beyond for Smart Cities
        Yong Woo Lee,? University of Seoul, Korea

        Real and Perceived Quality of Big Data: Challenges in Identifying the Useful Data
        Expert Panel

        Risks and Challenges in Digitization
        Andreas A?muth, Technical University of Applied Sciences OTH Amberg-Weiden, Germany

        The Need for Computing to Meet Non-Functional Requirements: Dealing with Security, Privacy, Safety, Trust and Compliance
        Expert Panel

        Cognitive IT: The Dawn of the Age of Machine Thinking
        Alois Ferscha, Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz, ?sterreich

        Advanced Adaptive Systems: Achievements and Challenges in Cognition and Machine Learning
        Expert Panel

        Bespoke Music Generation: Designing Interactive Music Machines
        Andrew Brown, Griffith University, Australia


        NexComm 2019 - Valencia, Spain

        A Perspective on Smart Cities – Research Challenges and Approached to Innovation
        Taieb Znati, University of Pittsburgh, USA

        Space Communications: Integrating Satellites and Mobile Networks
        Expert Panel

        University and Government Partnership in Morehead Ground System Development for Space Mission Operations
        Timothy Pham, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA

        Designing Complex Systems: Machine Learning and Visual Data
        Expert Panel

        Research Trends on Information-Centric Networks
        Toshihiko Kato, University of Electro-Communications, Japan

        Developing Reliable and Resilient Systems: Autonomy, Robustness and Safety Triangle
        Expert Panel

        Multimedia Delivery using Artificial Intelligence over Software Defined Networks
        Jaime Lloret Mauri, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain


        DigitalWorld 2019 - Athens, Greece

        Foundations for a Smart City
        Stephan Haller, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

        Society: Advanced Citizen-oriented Services
        Expert Panel

        Robots by Our Side - Interacting with the Robots Amongst Us
        Iina Aaltonen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd,? Finland

        Global Geo-Sensing: Geo-Processing Sensor Information
        Expert Panel

        Education Challenges and Opportunities Amidst Disruptive E-Learning Technologies
        Herwig Mannaert, University of Antwerp, Belgium

        Knowledge: Advances on Human Interaction and Thinking
        Expert Panel

        Towards National Scale Clinical Data Warehousing: Experiences and Perspectives on Data Reuse for the Learning Healthcare System?s
        Luis Marco-Ruiz. Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, University Hospital of North Norway, Troms?, Norway // Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics, TU Braunschweig and Hannover Medical School, Germany

        NexTech 2018 - Athens, Greece

        Data Analytics: Challenges in Using the Fuzzy Sets Qualitative Comparative Analysis
        Dimitris K. Kardaras, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

        Approaches for Identifying/Selecting the Right Data
        Expert Panel

        Advances to Protect the Critical Assets
        Expert Panel

        Proteomics: From Nano-Structures to Mega Functions
        Hassan Khachfe, Lebanese International University, Lebanon

        Citizen-access to the Services
        Expert Panel

        Mobility in the Age of Big Data
        Ivana Semanjski, University of Zagreb, Croatia/ Ghent University, Belgium


        SoftNet 2018 - Nice, France

        Handling Uncertainty as a Human Factor in Transportation Problems
        Mauro Dell'Orco, Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy

        Bringing Smart City Vision to Life: Getting Citizens Involved
        Expert Panel

        A Semiformal Forensics Approach to UCaaS Architectures
        Juan Carlos Bennett, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, USA

        Emerging Digital Services in Cyber Environments
        Expert Panel

        Requirements Modelling and Software Systems Implementation Using Formal Languages
        Radek Koci, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

        Trends in Software Development and Verification
        Expert Panel

        Challenges in the Development of Modern Armor Systems
        Arash Ramezani, University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany


        NetWare 2018 - Venice, Italy

        Vernier-effect Strategies for Efficient Integrated Optical Sensing
        Vittorio M.N. Passaro, Politecnico di Bari, Italy

        Sustainable IT: A French Benchmark to Understand and Enhance its Spreading
        Vincent Courboulay, University of La Rochelle, France

        Challenges on Security, Privacy and Cyber-systems
        Expert Panel

        Preferred Path Routing
        Yingzhen Qu, Futurewei Technologies Inc., USA

        Advances on Miniaturization and Computation
        Expert Panel

        Vehicular Communications using Visible Light Communication: Future Trends and Applications
        Manuela Vieira, ISEL-ADEETC ; CTS-UNINOVA; DEE-FCT-UNL, Portugal

        Sensing Huge Data and IoT Systems
        Expert Panel

        Security as a Game: Decisions under Uncertainty in Risk Management
        Stefan Rass, Universit?t Klagenfurt, Institute of Applied Informatics, System Security Group, Klagenfurt, Austria


        DataSys 2018 - Barcelona, Spain

        Challenges in Programming Modern Parallel Systems
        Sebastiano Fabio Schifano, Università di Ferrara, Italy

        Tendencies in Mobile Big Data & IoT-based Applications
        Panel on Telecommunications in Sensing Mobile Systems

        Mapping Parallel Scientific Applications: A Memory-Driven Approach to Performance Portability
        Edgar A Leon, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA

        General Data Protection on the Rise: Who Will be the Owner of Data and Who Will be in Control?
        Panel on Information Processing and Ownership

        Smart Cities and the Internet of Things: Opportunities and Challenges
        Lasse Berntzen, University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway

        How Dark is the Darknet? - Dangers and Possibilities for the Digital Society
        Panel on Facets of Digital Society Drawbacks

        Steps towards Location Privacy
        Subhasish Mazumdar, New Mexico Tech, USA


        InfoWare 2018 - Venice, Italy

        Leadership and Emotion
        Leonie Kay Hallo, University of Adelaide, Australia

        Collaborative Society via Learning and Developing Collaboration
        COLLA 2018 / ICCGI 2018 Expert Panel

        Analytics, Agents, and Algorithms: Where is the Social in Computational Social Science?
        Jan Ole Berndt, Wirtschaftsinformatik I, Fachbereich IV, Universit?t Trier Business Informatics I, Faculty IV, University of Trier, Germany

        Challenges on Mobility with IoT and Big Data
        ICWMC 2018 / VEHICULAR 2018 / INTERNET 2018 Expert Panel

        Web Adaptation Using Fuzzy Logic: Integrating Services, User Reviews and Business Processes
        Dimitris Kardaras, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

        Future on Social Science and Social Networks
        HUSO 2018 / ICCGI 2018 / VISUAL 2018 Expert Panel

        Emerging Methods for Blood Pressure Measurements
        Voicu Groza, University of Ottawa, Canada

        Trends in Industrial and Cyber Systems
        SYSTEMS 2018 / INTELLI 2018 Expert Panel


        InfoSys 2018 - Nice, France

        High Renewable Energy Penetrations within Isolated and Remote Area Power Systems
        Michael Negnevitsky, University of Tasmania, Australia

        Services in Smart Cities: All about Security, Mobility and Autonomy
        ICAS 2018 / ICNS 2018 Expert Panel

        Social Networks and Computational Sustainability: Challenges and Proposals
        Riccardo Amadeo, University of Pavia, Italy

        Challenges on Green Energy and Sustainability
        ENERGY 2018 and BIO 218 Expert Panel

        DBMS Support for Big Live Data
        Malcolm Crowe, University of the West of Scotland, Scotland

        Recommender systems: The Magic Hidden behind the Interface of Online Services or a Clever Interplay between Smart Algorithms and Innovative human-computer Interaction
        Toon De Pessemier, Ghent University - imec, Belgium

        Visual Analytics for Leveraging insight into Multi-dimensional Data Networks
        Jean-Marie Le Goff, CERN- European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Switzerland

        Advances on Sensing Techniques and Signal Processing
        SIGNAL 2018 Expert Panel

        Sensing and Sampling for Low-power Applications
        Laurent Fesquet, Grenoble INP/TIMA Laboratory, France

        Getting More from Linked Data
        DBKDA 2018 / WEB 2018 Expert Panel


        NexComm 2018 - Athens, Greece

        'Squaring the Circle’: Elucidating the Significance of Attribute State Variation in Artificial Neural Networks
        Gary Weckman, Ohio University, USA

        Challenges in Urban and Mobility Systems and Networks
        Networking and Systems Expert Panel

        Mining Imperfect Data
        Jerzy Grzymala-Busse, University of Kansas, USA

        Unique Challenges in System Design and Operations for Deep Space Communications
        Timothy Pham, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA

        Convergence of Terrestrial and Spatial Communications: An Optimistic and/or Opportunistic Forecast?
        Communications Expert Panel

        Services based on Sensing Data: Handling with Care Sensitive Data
        Data and Multimedia Expert Panel

        Enhancing the Reliability of Large-Scale Data Storage Systems
        Ilias Iliadis, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland

        Systems and Software for Cyber Smart Cities: Promises and Recent Advances
        Systems and Software Expert Panel


        DigitalWorld 2018 - Rome, Italy

        Audemes at Work: Exploring the Value of Semantic Sound in Education for the Blind
        Prof. Dr. Steven Mannheimer, Indiana University, USA

        Driving Access to Care: Canada’s Digital Health Strategy
        Lynne Zucker, Vice-President of Clinical Systems Integration, Canada Health Infoway / Inforoute Santé du Canada, Toronto, Canada

        Challenges on Accessibility to Digital Services
        eTELEMED 2018 / ICDS 2018 / SMART CCESSIBILITY 2018 Expert Panel

        eTELEMED Panel: Canada HealthCare

        Quality of Data and Services: The Essences From Geo-computing, Society/Crowd Sensing, and Mobility/Service-related Sensing
        GEOProcessing/ALLSENSORS/ICDS 2018 Expert Panel

        Trends and Challenges in using Micro and Nano-technologies for (all)Sensors
        ALLSENSORS 201 Expert Panel

        Deep-Knowledge Integration: Automated Knowledge Production and Consumption in an Internet-of-Everything World
        eLmL 2018 / eKNOW 2018 Expert Panel

        Sustainable Innovation in Health
        Hans C. Ossebaard, Advisor Innovation and eHealth , National Health Care Institute - Diemen, The Netherlands


        ComputationWorld 2018 - Barcelona, Spain

        The Internet of Things: Are we running quickly into the darkness?
        George R. S. Weir, University of Strathclyde - Glasgow, UK

        Adaptive, Autonomous and Machine Learning: Applications, Challenges and Risks
        ADAPTIVE 2018/ COGNITIVE 2018 Expert Panel

        The Road Ahead in Artificial Intelligence
        Thorsten Gressling, ARS Computer and Consulting GmbH, Germany

        Security and Safety in Cloud-based Systems and Services
        CLOUD COMPUTING 2018 / SERVICE COMPUTATION 2018 Expert Panel

        Computing Challenges in Information Systems
        COMPUTATION TOOLS 2018 / BUSTECH 2018 / FUTURE COMPUTING 2018 Expert Panel

        Normalized Information Systems: Toward Continuous Rejuvenation of Software Applications
        Herwig Mannaert, University of Antwerp, Belgi?

        Cloud Computing for Smart Buildings
        Yong Woo Lee, The University of Seoul, South Korea

        Challenges in Cloud Computing-based Systems
        CLOUD COMPUTING 2018 Expert Panel

        Microservices - A Modern, Agile Approach to SOA
        Andreas Hausotter, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Germany

        Finding Essentials from Cloud-based Systems and Big Data
        CONTENT 2018 / PATTERNS 2018 Expert Panel


        NexTech 2017 - Barcelona, Spain

        Adaptive OpenMP Task Scheduling Using Runtime APIs and Machine Learning
        Ahmad Qawasmeh, The Hashemite University, Jordan

        Semantic Approximation and Optimization in Advanced Computing [panel] [appendix]
        ADVCOMP / SEMAPRO Expert Panel

        Software through the Perspective of Human-Centric Computing Paradigm
        Evgeny Pyshkin, University of Aizu, Japan

        CYBER-Centered Major Challenges: Monitoring and Evaluating the Cyber-health of Industrial Systems
        CYBER SYSTEMS Expert Panel

        Quality of Health Care
        GLOBAL HEALTH / AMBIENT Expert Panel

        Energy/Cyber Security Assessment: Data Analytics for Cyber Resilience of Strategic / Critical Electrical Grid Infrastructure
        Steve Chan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

        Deep Learning and Big Data in Cybersecurity
        DATA ANALYTICS / CYBER Expert Panel

        Steganophony: Challenges and Detection of Exfiltration Attacks
        Juan-Carlos Bennett, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, USA

        Wireless and Ubiquitous Computing: Challenges and Recent Advances
        UBICOMM / EMERGING Expert Panel


        SoftNet 2017 - Athens, Greece

        Interactive Visual Knowledge Aggregation: Old and New Silk Roads as a Showcase for Challenges in Social Media Technologies, Communication, and Informatics
        Andrea Nanetti, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Singapore

        Health Information in Social Networks: Harvesting the Useful Data
        HEALTH & SOCIAL NETWORKS Expert Panel

        IP 2020: On The Road Towards Next Generation Internet
        Yingzhen Qu, Huawei Technologies, USA

        Challenges in Simulation and Verification/Validation for Complex Systems and Big Data
        SYSTEMS & DATA Expert Panel

        Fake News, Social Media, and Bots
        Nitin Agarwal, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA

        Dealing with Citizen-centric Social News: A Behavioral View
        CENTRIC / SOTICS 2017 Expert Panel

        Software Engineering Achievements and Their Evolution Transcending Multiple Disciplines: Celebrating 50 Years

        Bandwidth Sharing Policies for 4G/5G Networks
        Ioannis Moscholios, University of Peloponnese - Tripolis, Greece

        Invited Speaker: Fraud Prevention
        Serpil Tokdemir Yuce, Office of the Medicaid Inspector General - Little Rock, USA

        Future Networks: IP 2020, 5/6G and Slicing Cohabitation
        NETWORKING Expert Panel

        From Language-Independent Requirements to Code Based on a Semantic Analysis
        Mariem Mefteh, Nadia Bouassida, Hanêne Ben Abdallah

        Extracting Executable Architecture from Legacy Code using Static Reverse Engineering
        Rehman Arshad

        Proposal of a Computer Supported Collaborative Work Model for E-Commerce Web Sites Based on a Quality Guiding Framework
        Hédia Jegham Achour, Sonia Ghannouchi Ayachi

        Seeking Rare Events in a Simulated System using Risk Distances
        Volker Gollücke

        Analysis of Medical Records Management in Brazilian Basic Healthcare Units: A Qualitative Approach
        Rodolfo Barriviera, Carlos A Maziero, Celita S Trelha


        NetWare 2017 - Rome, Italy

        Smart Sensing Technology for Earthquake Hazard Mitigation and Maintenance of Infrastructures
        Narito Kurata, Tsukuba University of Technology, Japan

        Advances on Mini/Micro Materials and Technologies
        GREEN / ICQNM / CENICS 2017 Expert Panel

        Deterministic Service Delivery through IP2020 - Next Generation Internet Architecture
        Kiran Makhijani, Huawei Technologies - Santa Clara, USA

        Five Decades of Software Crisis: Does the Quality of Software Reflect the Societal Significance of Software?
        FASSI / AFIN 2017 Expert Panel

        Energy-efficient Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks: Architecture, Medium Access Control, and Energy Provision
        Dongsoo Har, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, Korea

        Challenges in Developing Secure Software
        SECURWARE 2017 Expert Panel

        Big Data Analytics in Smart Grid
        Nanpeng Yu, University of California, Riverside, USA

        Sensor-based Applications and Services in Digital Society
        SENSORCOMM / SENSORDEVICES 2017 Expert Panel


        InfoWare 2017 - Nice, France

        Enabling Personalised Production with Intelligent Manufacturing Environments
        Gil Goncalves, Instituto de Sistamas Robotica,University of Porto, Portugal

        Enrolling towards Industry 4.0
        INTELLI 2017 Expert Panel

        Text Analysis?for Social Media?Cybersecurity: The AMiCA Project
        Els Lefever, LT3, Ghent University Belgium

        Challenges of Connected and Autonomic Vehicles
        ICWMC 2017 / VEHICULAR 2017 Expert Panel

        New Trends in Virtual Reality and Augmented Visualization
        Lucio De Paolis, University di Salento, Italy

        Social Analytics and Smart Cities
        HUSO 2017 / ICCGI 2017 Expert Panel

        Contactless Monitoring of People
        Miodrag Boli?, University of Ottawa, Canada

        Mobility and Cooperation Challenges
        COLLA 2017 / ICCGI 2017 Expert Panel


        DataSys 2017 - Venice, Italy

        Quality of information from an Evolutionary Perspective
        J.J.M. (Jos) Trienekens, Open University | Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands

        Challenges for Long-Term Evolution and 5G for IoT Systems
        AICT / ICIMP/ MOBILITY 2017 Expert Panel

        Programmability, Softwarization and Management in 5G Smart Networking
        Alex Galis, University College London, UK

        From Advanced Applications to Optimisation and Energy Efficiency: How Will Data Science Benefit to Communication and Computing in Science and Society?
        INFOCOMP 2017 Expert Panel

        Smart Cities from a Business Perspective
        Lasse Berntzen, University College of Southeast Norway, Norway

        Mobile Services in Smart Cities
        SMART / MOBILITY / SPWID 2017 Expert Panel

        5G and Sustainable Development
        Josef Noll, Basic Internet Foundation #Basic4All and University of Oslo/ITS, Norway

        Allow Knowledge to Prevail: Advanced Computing, Data, Experience, and the Universal Decimal Classification
        Claus-Peter Rückemann, Leibniz Universit?t Hannover / Westf?lische Wilhelms-Universit?t Münster / North-German Supercomputing Alliance (HLRN), Germany

        Challenges on Web Semantic Mapping and Information Processing
        INFOCOMP / IMMM / ICIW 2017 Expert Panel

        Learning from the Human Immune System: Artificial T-cells as a Response to Cyber Attacks
        Dirk Labudde and Michael Spranger
        Bioinformatics group Mittweida (bigM)/Forensic Science Investigation Lab (FoSIL), University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany

        Applications of Techno-social Systems in Economy and Governance
        Alexander Troussov, Russian Academy of Science, Russia

        Achieving Full Potential for Information Modeling and Processing
        ACCSE / INFOCOMP / MODOPT 2017 Expert Panel


        InfoSys 2017 & BioSciencesWorld 2017 - Barcelona, Spain

        OWASP Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities in an Industrial Context
        Gy?rgy Tamas Kalman, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

        Databases and Web Information in the Era of Big Data
        DBKDA / WEB / GraphSM 2017 Expert Panel

        Compression of Structured Big Data - Challenges and Solutions
        Stefan B?ttcher, University of Paderborn, Germany

        Digital Autonomy in the Internet of Things Era
        ICAS 2017 Expert Panel

        Sustainable Energy Solutions
        ENERGY 2017 Expert Panel

        Contradistinction of Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Change
        Son V. Nghiem, Jet Propulsion Laboratory / NASA - Pasadena, USA

        Global Urbanization and Impacts on Bio-environments
        Interview with Dr. Son Nghiem

        Academia/Industry Interactions: Approaches, Options, and Challenges
        InfoSys 2017 Expert Panel

        Internet of Things Architecture and Security
        Shuangbao (Paul) Wang, University of Maryland, USA

        Exploring the Wikipedia-Graph
        Andreas Schmidt, University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe / Karlsruhe Institute of Technologie, Germany

        Using the Graph-Model for Schema and Data Mapping
        Fritz Laux, Reutlingen University, Germany


        NexComm 2017 - Venice, Italy

        IP 2020 as a Step to Advance to the Next Generation Internet: A Discussion on Breaking Current Internet’s Limitations
        Renwei (Richard) Li, Chief Architect, Future Networks, Huawei, USA
        Vice-Chair, Next-Generation Protocols ISG, European Telecommunications Standards Institute

        NFV & SDN Innovations for 5G and Telco Business
        Gino Carrozzo, Deputy Head of R&D, Nextworks, Italy

        Challenges and Opportunities with mm-wave Communications in 5G
        Tommy Svensson, Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden

        Merging mmWave and MEC in Future 5G networks
        Sergio Barbarossa, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy | IEEE Fellow

        Old-Fashion Rejuvenated - Software Handover Yesterday and Today!
        Mira Kajko-Mattsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

        On-Device Software: Challenges of Embedded Software
        SOFTENG / ALLDATA 2017 Expert Panel

        Safety and Resilience with 5G and IoT Advents
        Safety and Resilience Expert Panel

        Integral Planning of Services in Smart Cities
        Frank Phillipson, TNO, the Netherlands

        Data Analytics and Computing Challenges
        ALLDATA / MMEDIA 2017 Expert Panel

        Industry 4.0 and Cloud Computing
        Christoph Reich, University of Applied Science Furtwangen, Germany

        Feeling the (Pain of) Convergence: mmWave, 5G, SDN, NFV, IoT, ION, MEC, ...
        ICN / SPACOMM 2017 Expert Panel

        From concept to deployment: the visions of the 5GCHAMPION and 5G-MiEdge projects (Olympic Games are coming …)
        Valerio Frascolla, Intel Deutschland GmbH - Neubiberg, Germany

        Resource and spectrum management -an European research projects survey
        Valerio Frascolla, Intel Deutschland GmbH - Neubiberg, Germany


        DigitalWorld 2017 - Nice, France

        Geographic Knowledge Engineering for Smart Planning
        Robert Laurini, LIRIS - INSA Lyon, University of Lyon, France | Knowledge Systems Institute, USA

        Digital Health in Canada: Transforming Health Care Through Innovation
        Michael Green, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canada Health Infoway, Canada

        Citizen-centric Digital Services
        eTELEMED / ICDS 2017 Expert Panel

        Contemporary Views - What are the Essences of Geospatial/Sensing Knowledge and Application Scenarios?
        GEOProcessing / ALLSENSORS 2017 Expert Panel

        Human-centric System Design and Industrial Manufacturing
        ACHI 2017 Expert Panel

        Digital System Integration in the Context of Industry 4.0
        Steffen Gerhard Scholz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

        Construction and Use of Biological Network Models in Risk Assessment
        Justyna Szostak, Biomedical Research | Philip Morris International (PMI) R&D - Neuchatel, Switzerland

        Industrial Keynote Presentation from "HEX - Tecnologias Geoespaciais" - Brazilian National Monitoring of Anthropization by Remote Sensing
        Mariano Pascual, Technical Director, HEX Group, Brazil

        Addressing Knowledge/Learning in a Smart World
        eLmL / eKNOW 2017 Expert Panel

        Gas Sensing Technologies for the Electrical Power Industry: Challenges for Eco-friendly Next-generation Products
        Axel Kramer, ABB Switzerland Ltd, Switzerland


        ComputationWorld 2017 - Athens, Greece

        IoT Wireless Access Networks: Where to Go From Here?
        Andrei Alexandru Enescu, EOS Electronic Systems, Romania

        Challenges in Managing Fleets of Drones and Driverless Cars
        ADAPTIVE 2017 / COGNITIVE 2017 Expert Panel

        On the Engineering Anatomy of a 5-star Search Mobile App
        Marcelo De Barros, Microsoft Corporation - Seattle, USA

        Tools and Applications for Service Support
        COMPUTATION TOOLS 2017 / BUSTECH 2017 Expert Panel

        Internet of Things and Cloud Computing
        Yong Woo Lee, University of Seoul, S. Korea

        Smart Cities and Cloud Computing
        CLOUD COMPUTING 2017 / SERVICE COMPUTATION 2017 Expert Panel

        Cloud Cyber Security: How Hard Can It Be?
        Bob Duncan, University of Aberdeen, UK

        Patterns and Big Data: Finding a Needle in a Haystack
        PATTERNS 2017 / CONTENT 2017 Expert Panel


        InfoWare 2016 - Barcelona, Spain

        Learning Complex Manifold of Visual Perception for Pattern Association
        Vijayan K. Asari, University of Dayton, USA

        Smart Components and Smart Models in Intelligent Manufacturing Environments
        INTELLI 2016 / InManEnt 2016 / ICWMC 2016 Expert Panel

        Fine-grained Sentiment Analysis: An Overview of the Task and its Main Challenges
        Orphée De Clercq, LT3/Ghent University, Belgium

        Incremental Learning: How Systems can Automatically Adapt to and Learn from New Situations
        ICCGI 2016 / BRAININFO 2016 Expert Panel

        How New Computational Methods are Changing Social Science
        COLLA 2016 / HUSO 2016 / VISUAL 2016 Expert Panel

        Privacy Implications of Intelligent Transport Systems
        Khalil El-Khatib, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

        From VANET to Internet of Vehicles: Opportunities and Challenges
        ICWMC 2016 / INTERNET 2016 / VEHICULAR 2016 Expert Panel

        Academia-Industry Partnership: How to Successfully Transfer the Knowledge


        NexTech 2016 - Venice, Italy

        Transparent Living: The Challenge of Delivering Ambient Assisted Living
        Gregory O’Hare, University College Dublin, Ireland

        Focus on Cyber-Data: Dealing with Data Complexity?
        DATA ANALYTICS 2016 / CYBER 2016 Expert Panel

        Advanced Swarm Imaging for Three-Dimensional Mapping (DEMO)
        Martin Louis Duncan, University of North Carolina-Wilmington, USA
        Paul Weil, CTO Pluribus Technologies, Inc., USA

        Security and Privacy on Online Healthcare Applications
        Youna Jung, Virginia Military Institute, USA

        Opportunities and Challenges in Simulation-driven Research
        ADVCOMP 2016 / SEMAPRO 2016 Expert Panel

        A Semi-formal Network Forensic Framework for Converged Architectures
        Juan Carlos Bennett, Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center Pacific | University of Delaware, USA

        Self-managing Ambient Assisted Systems: Challenges of Patient-driven Approaches
        GLOBAL HEALTH 2016 / AMBIENT 2016 Expert Panel

        Cyber Security for Industries
        Rainer Falk, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, Germany

        Emerging Cyber Topics and Applications for Data Analytics
        Thomas J. Klemas, SimSpace Corporation, USA

        The Internet of Everything: Challenges of Web of Things in Smart Cities
        UBICOMM 2016 / EMERGING 2016 Expert Panel


        SoftNet 2016 - Rome, Italy

        Reloading the Treasure of Human Experiences for Machine Learning: Challenges in Social Media Technologies, Communication, and Informatics
        Andrea Nanetti, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

        Smart-Citizen and Smart-City Systems and Services
        SOTICS 2016 / CENTRIC 2016 Expert Panel

        Digital Marketing: Balancing Analytics and Privacy in a Connected World
        Brian Blake, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA

        Simulation and Validation Challenges in Industrial Systems
        VALID 2016 / SIMUL 2016 Expert Panel

        Health Connected Objects will Revolutionize Healthcare Organizations for Better or Worse
        Francois Allaert, Evaluation Chair ESC, University Dijon, France

        Citizen-oriented Health Systems and Services
        HEALTHINFO / INNOV 2016 Expert Panel

        Qualities of Communications Protocols and Their Bearing on Engineering Successful Software Systems
        Stephen Clyde, Utah State University, USA

        Challenges for Building Applications and Services for Smart Devices
        ICSEA 2016 / Apps Expert Panel

        IP 2020 - Network Trends for the Year 2020
        Burjiz Pithawala, VP/CTO, Huawei Systems, USA

        Trusted and Scalable Systems and Services: Challenges
        ICSNC / INNOV 2016 Expert Panel

        Killing Several Birds with One Stone:? Using SEMATs ESSENCE in Teaching Software Engineering
        Mira Kajko-Mattsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

        Validating Products versus Requirements; Dis(covering) the Gaps
        ICSEA 2016 / Req&Dev Expert Panel

        Blockchains in Distributed and Peer-to-Peer Systems: A Socio-technical Perspective
        Mariusz Nowostawski, NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

        Challenges and Common Industrial Practice to Improve Systems Reliability
        Systems Reliability Expert Panel

        Software is Vital: Secure Software Engineering Practices for the Age of Smart Cities
        Jon Geater, Thales e-Security-Ltd., UK


        NetWare 2016 - Nice, France

        Potentials and Progress in Quantum Technology for NASA Missions
        Sang H. Choi, NASA Langley Research Center - Hampton, USA

        Accessibility and Smart IoT-based Environments: Obstacles and Opportunities
        GREEN 2016 / SMART ACCESSIBILITY 2016 Expert Panel

        Application-driven Advances in Additive Manufacturing Technologies
        Steffen G. Scholz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

        Society Progress and Quantum Technology: Quo Vadis?
        ICQNM 2016 / CENICS 2016 Expert Panel

        Challenges on IP2020 - Analyzing Limitations with the Current Generation of Network Protocols
        Kiran Makhijani, Huawei Technologies, USA

        Crisis 4.0: Lack of Security and Privacy Could Kill Digitalization
        Hans-Joachim Hof, Munich University of Applied Sciences. Germany

        Security and Dependability in Mobile Environments
        SECURWARE 2016 / DEPEND 2016 Expert Panel

        Software Features for Mobility Services: From Legacy Software to Apps
        FASSI 2016 / AFIN 2016 Expert Panel

        Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience: Theory and Practice
        Martin Hromada, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Slovakia

        Trends in Nano/Micro Technologies
        CENICS 2016 / ICQNM 2016 Expert Panel

        Achievements and Challenges in Environmental Sensing
        SENSORCOMM 2016 / SENSORDEVICES 2016 Expert Panel


        InfoSys 2016 & BioSciencesWorld 2016 - Lisbon, Portugal

        The Role of Adaptive Control Theory in Autonomous Systems
        Mark J. Balas, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA

        High Speed Video Sensors
        Wilfried Uhring,? l'Université de Strasbourg, IUT de Haguenau, France

        Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Sensors
        Claudio Bruschini, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

        (Self)Control of Energy Systems: Challenges and Optimization
        ICAS 2016 / ENVIROSENS 2016 / ENERGY 2016 Expert Panel

        Fractional Signals and Systems
        Manuel Duarte Ortigueira, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

        IT and Bioinformatics Strategy of Sequencing the Whole Genome in Clinical Practice at the DKFZ
        Jürgen Eils, DKFZ, Germany

        Industry 4.0 [part 1] [part 2]
        Friedrich Laux, Reutlingen University, Germany
        Steffen G. Scholz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

        Current Trends on Information Searching/Query Answering
        DBKDA 2016 / GraphSM 2016 / WEB 2016 Expert Panel

        IP 2020: Towards a Digital Connected Mobile Society in the Year 2020 and Beyond
        Padma Pillay-Esnault, Huawei Technologies, USA

        Energy Efficiency Planning and Green Energy
        ENERGY 2016 / BIOTECHNO 2016 Expert Panel

        Scalable Services in Advanced Mobile Internet
        ICNS 2016 / CONNET 2016 Expert Panel

        Image Processing Applications for Heterogeneous Computing Architectures
        Dietmar Fey, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

        Low-power Event-driven Image Sensors
        Laurent Fesquet, TIMA-Grenoble, France

        Cyber Security - An Industrial View on the Interplay of Standards, Regulations, and Guidelines on the Example of the Digital Grid
        Steffen Fries, Siemens AG, Germany

        Challenges in High Speed Image Processing
        SIGNAL 2016 Expert Panel

        Interactive Discussion on Image and Sound Signals
        Rafael F. S. Caldeirinha

        Signals and Systems
        Manuel Ortigueira


        DataSys 2016 - Valencia, Spain

        Identifier-Oriented Networking and Ubiquitous Mobility for IP 2020
        Padma Pillay-Esnault, Huawei Technologies, USA

        Trustable Computation in SQL and NoSQL Data Models
        ICIW 2016 / IMMM 2016 / DATASETS 2016 Expert Panel

        Economics in IoT - Driver for 5G
        Josef Noll, Basic Internet Foundation #Basic4All | University of Oslo/UNIK - Kjeller, Norway

        SDN/SDx/SDX, NFV, 5G …: What’s Next?
        AICT 2016 / ICIMP 2016 / ACSSE 2016 Expert Panel

        Factors Leading to Effective Intelligent Solutions: The Case of Fraud Detection
        Duarte Trigueiros, University of Macau and ISCTE-IUL, Macau, China

        Smart Cities: Real Needs versus Technological and Deployment Challenges
        SMART 2016 / MOBILITY 2016 / URBAN COMPUTING 2016 Expert Panel

        Can We Talk About Smart Cities and Smart People?
        Lasse Berntzen, University College of Southeast, Norway

        Practical Experiences and Best Practice in Scientific and High-end Computing; Is the Future Data-centric and Computing-centric?
        INFOCOMP 2016 / MODOPT 2016 / SPWID 2016 Expert Panel


        DigitalWorld 2016 - Venice, Italy

        Semantic Search
        Lubomir Stanchev, California Polytechnic State University, USA

        How to Design for Digital Healthy Living?
        DIGITAL HEALTHY LIVING 2016 Expert Panel

        Urban and Spatial Computing: Challenges in Society Sensing
        GEOProcessing 2016 / ALLSENSORS 2016 Expert Panel

        Robust Evidence for the Impact of At-home Telemonitoring for Chronic Disease Management
        Branko Celler, CSIRO - Australian eHealth Research Centre, Australia

        Patient Role in Mobile Adaptable Healthcare: Awareness and Accessibility
        eTELEMED 2016 / DIGITAL HEALTHY LIVING 2016 / MATH 2016 Expert Panel

        Learning- and Knowledge-based Adaptive Human-Machine Interactions
        ACHI 2016 / eLmL 2016 / eKNOW 2016 Expert Panel

        Educational Data Mining / Learning Analytics
        Agathe Merceron, Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany


        ComputationWorld 2016 - Rome, Italy

        Mapping Underground Voids by Multirotor Flying Vehicles
        Charlotte Sennersten, CSIRO-Data61, Robot- and 3D Systems, Australia

        Tools and Theories: Drivers Spectrum for Future Computing

        Architecture, Development Model and Future Trends of Web Search Engines
        Marcelo De Barros, Microsoft Corporation, USA

        Standardization Challenges in Cloud and Services-oriented Approaches
        CLOUD / SERVICES 2016 Expert Panel

        Aligning Domain, Content, and Software Modeling in Web-based Information Systems
        Hans-Werner Sehring, Namics Deutschland GmbH, Germany

        Meaning and Semantics: Content-oriented Patterns
        CONTENT / PATTERNS 2016 Expert Panel

        Innovating Service Systems through Cognitive and Cloud Computing
        Sew Bun Foong, IBM | National University of Singapore, Singapore

        Challenges on Cognitive-supported Adaptation
        ADAPTIVE/COGNITIVE 2016 Expert Panel


        NexComm 2016 - Lisbon, Portugal

        The Role of Artificial Neural Networks in Understanding Complex Systems Behavior
        Gary Weckman, Ohio University, USA

        Complexity and Safety in Communication Systems
        ICONS / ICDT / SPACOMM 2016 Expert Panel

        Gamification in Software Engineering
        Ulrike Hammerschall, University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany

        Computational Models for Big Data Processing
        ALLDATA / IMMM / MMEDIA 2016 Expert Panel

        Cognitive Computing: Theory and Applications
        Venkat N. Gudivada, East Carolina University-Greenville, USA

        Designing Software for Mobile Devices: How to Do That Best
        SOFTENG 2016 Expert Panel

        Security and Reliability in the Cloud
        P?l Ellingsen, Bergen University College, Norway

        Quality and Global Resource Utilization in the Internet of Things Environments
        ICN / COCORA / CTRQ 2016 Expert Panel


        SoftNet 2015 - Barcelona, Spain

        Simulation Attacks Manufacturing Challenges
        Edward Williams, University of Michigan - Dearborn, USA

        Quo Vadis Software Engineering?
        ICSEA 2015 Expert Panel

        Why We Need Privacy-preserving Authentication in the Facebook Age
        Mike Johnstone, Edith Cowan University, Australia

        Information in the Internet of Things: From Sensing to Meaning
        ICSNC / INNOV 2015 Expert Panel

        Speed in Software Business
        Pasi Tyrv?inen, University of Jyv?skyl?, Finland

        Simulation/Validation Methods in Data Analytics
        SIMUL / VALID 2015 Expert Panel

        Understanding Sociotechnical Behaviors in Social Media: The Good, Bad, and Ugly
        Nitin Agarwal, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA

        User-centricity in a Smart World: Between Human Factors and the Internet of Things [part 1] [part 2]
        CENTRIC / SOTICS 2015 Expert Panel


        InfoWare 2015 - St. Julians, Malta

        Content Distribution in Wireless/5G Environments
        Eugen Borcoci, University "??Politehnica"?? Bucharest, Romania

        Challenges in Knowledge Sharing
        ICCGI / COLLA 2015 Expert Panel

        Intelligent Manufacturing in the Past, Present and Future
        Leo van Moergestel, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

        Challenges on Security and Trust in Mobile Environments
        ICWMC / VEHICULAR 2015 Expert Panel

        Collaborative Activity and New Augmented Spaces
        Pierre Leclercq, University of Liege, Belgium

        Intelligent Production Agents
        INTELLI / InManEnt 2015 Expert Panel

        Industrial presentation on ?IQRF
        Vladimir Sulc, Microrisc, s.r.o., Czech Republic

        Digital Inclusion for Sustainable Developments
        Josef Noll, Basic Internet Foundation and University of Oslo/UNIK, Norway

        Data Analytics over Internet: Capturing Humans' Behavior
        INTERNET/INTELLI/HUSO 2015 Expert Panel


        NetWare 2015 - Venice, Italy

        IT security - Quo Vadis?
        Hans-Joachim Hof, MuSe - Munich IT Security Research Group, Department for Computer Science and Mathematics, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany

        Internet-driven and Web-supported Software Integration: Cooperation in Distributed Teams
        FASSI / AFIN 2015 Expert Panel

        Technology Platforms and Building Blocks: A Key Element for Shorter Time-to-Market of Innovative Micro-sensors
        Arndt Steinke, CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH, Germany

        Material Technologies for Mini- and Nano-sensing
        ICQNM / CENICS 2015 Expert Panel

        High Speed Imaging
        Wilfried Uhring, ICube, University of Strasbourg and CNRS, France

        Quantum: Getting the Momentum?
        Round Table

        Security and Trust in IoT-based Complex Systems
        SECURWARE / DEPEND 2015 Expert Panel

        Industrial Security
        Rainer Falk, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, Germany

        Sensing Everything: Challenges in Current Environments
        SENSORCOMM / SENSORDEVICES 2015 Expert Panel


        NexTech 2015 - Nice, France

        Big Data Analytics for Smarter Cities and a Safer Planet
        Robert Griffin, General Manager, IBM Safer Planet and Smarter Cities | IBM Analytics Group, USA

        The Value of Data Analytics for Resiliency and Sustainability Efforts
        Special Panel

        Ubiquity, Internet of Things, and Accessibility:? On Infrastructure Criticality and Resilience Needs
        Alexey Cheptsov, The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, Germany

        The Value of Big Data: A Linked-Data Perspective for Corporate Performance
        DATA ANALYTICS 2015 Expert Panel

        Mobile Medium: Mobile Ad hoc Network-based Infrastructure
        Przemyslaw Pochec, University of New Brunswick, Canada

        Ambient Support Systems and Platforms for Health Self-management and Well-being
        GLOBAL HEALTH / AMBIENT 2015 Expert Panel

        Computing Challenges with Semantics and Ontology Models
        ADVCOMP / SEMAPRO 2015 Expert Panel

        The Development of Protein Structure Techniques: From Column Chromatography to Computational Modeling
        Hassan Khachfe, Lebanese International University, Lebanon

        Ubiquity, Internet of Things, and Accessibility:? On Infrastructure Criticality and Resilience Needs
        UBICOMM / EMERGING 2015 Expert Panel


        DataSys 2015 - Brussels, Belgium

        Data, Information, Food, and Thought: Some Common Concerns
        Subhasish Mazumdar, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USA

        Telecommunications Challenges in Urban Networking
        AICT/MOBILITY/SMART 2015 Expert Panel

        Arrowhead Framework: A Local Cloud Approach to Automation
        Jerker Delsing, Lulea University of Technology/EISLAB, Sweden

        Emerging Solutions in Scientific and High End Computing: Coping with Challenges and Requirements on the Long-term
        INFOCOMP 2015 Expert Panel

        Ontologies - Useful tools in Life Sciences and Forensics
        Dirk Labudde, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany

        Online Evaluation of Information Credibility/Accuracy
        IMMM/DATASETS 2015 Expert Panel

        Internet, Wearable Devices, and Mobility
        ICIW/SPWID 2015 Expert Panel

        Turbo Codes in UMTS/ WiMAX/ LTE Systems: Solutions for an Efficient FPGA Implementation
        Cristian Anghel, University Politehnica Bucharest, Romania

        From Today’s to Tomorrow’s Technologies: The Winners are....


        InfoSys 2015 - Rome, Italy

        Biomass and Biofuels for Sustainable Energy Future
        Vladimir Strezov, Macquarie University, Australia

        Data Mining for Drug Discovery; Exploring the Universes of Chem- and Bio-informatics
        Modest von Korff, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Switzerland

        Environmental Modeling: Challenges on Biocomputation
        BIONATURE/BIOTECHNO 2015 Expert Panel

        Does Web Computing Play a Major Role in Addressing Big Geospatial Data Challenges?
        Hassan Karimi, University of Pittsburgh, USA

        Energy Constraints and Systems/Networks Design Methodologies
        ICNS/ENERGY 2015 Expert Panel

        Renewable Energy:? Myths and Realities from Around the World
        Mark Halpin, Auburn University, USA

        Can we Analyze all the Big Data we Collect?
        DBKDA/WEB 2015 Expert Panel

        From Autonomic Computing Concepts Learned from the Heart System Towards Modelling Challenges in eHealth
        Jocelyne Fayn, INSERM, France

        Autonomy and Autonomic Computing Synergy: Behavioral Challenges
        ICAS/CONNET 2015 Expert Panel

        GraphSM 2015

        Introduction / workshop purposes
        Kiyoshi Nitta

        On Semantic Distribution of Large-Scale RDF Datasets
        Iztok Savnik, Kiyoshi Nitta

        Overview of Regular Path Queries in Graphs
        Andreas Schmidt, Iztok Savnik

        Capturing the Structure of Internet of Things Systems with Graph Databases
        Gilles Privat, Dana Popovici

        Towards Implementing Semantic Literature-Based Discovery with a Graph Database
        Dimitar Hristovski, Andrej Kastrin, Dejan Dinevski, Thomas C Rindflesch

        CONNET 2015

        Challenges in Content-based Systems
        Eugen Borcoci


        NexComm 2015 - Barcelona, Spain

        Reliability of Data Storage Systems
        Ilias Iliadis, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland

        Speech on Space Markets: Challenges and Opportunities with Small Satellites
        Jose Santiago Perez Cano, Euroconsult, France

        Small Satellite Missions: Capabilities and Challenges in Space Communications
        SPACOMM 2015 Expert Panel

        Challenges on Reliability in (Tele)Communications

        Software Challenges for New Services/Devices
        SOFTENG 2015 Expert Panel

        Research Challenges and Proposed Solutions to Improve Availability and Quality-of-Experience in Future IPTV Systems
        Bernd E. Wolfinger, University of Hamburg, Germany

        Big Data Processing: Can We Control the Value of Lost Data
        ALLDATA/MMEDIA/KESA 2015 Expert Panel

        Data Publishing with DaPaaS
        Dumitru Roman, SINTEF, Norway

        New Directions on Networks and Systems Design
        ICN/ICONS 2015 Expert Panel

        Software Defined Networking: Perspectives and Challenges
        Eugen Borcoci, University "Politehnica"of Bucharest (UPB), Romania

        KESA Introduction
        Maria Pia di Buono, University of Salerno, Italy


        ComputationWorld 2015 - Nice, France

        Emerging New Directions in Infinite-Dimensional Adaptive Control
        Mark J. Balas, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach, USA

        More Than The Machine - Using Memristors for Computing
        Dietmar Fey, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

        From Services to Data Centers: What do we Have to Consider for Standardizing in Cloud Computing?

        Brain Circuitries in Basic and Clinical Neuroscience
        Nikos Makris, Massachusetts General Hospital | Harvard Medical School, USA

        Multimodal EEG/fMRI Imaging for Neuroscientists
        Giorgio Bonmassar, Massachusetts General Hospital || Harvard Medical School, USA

        Cognitive Context: Information + Environment + Emotion + .. What Else?
        COGNITIVE/CONTENT 2015 Expert Panel

        Integration of Social Technologies into Business Computing
        Maria Orlowska, Polish-Japanese Institute of InformationTechnology, Poland

        New Approaches for Technology-oriented Businesses
        FUTURE COMP/COMP TOOLS/BUSTECH 2015 Expert Panel

        On the Gap between Business Processes and Business Software
        Hermann Kaindl, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

        Patterns of Adaptation: From Species to Autonomous Systems
        ADAPTIVE/PATTERNS 2015 Expert Panel


        DigitalWorld 2015 - Lisbon, Portugal

        Someplace between Dreams and Potential: Reflections on the Current Status of Technological Innovation in Health Care
        Anthony Glascock, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA

        Visions of the Future - Knowledge and Education 10 Years from Now
        eKNOW/eLmL 2015 Expert Panel

        What is Smart? Smart cities, Smart buildings, Smart people. Technology in a Human-centric Perspective
        Lasse? Berntzen, HBV, Norway

        Digital Media Impact on Human-Computer Interactions
        ACHI 2015 Expert Panel

        From Unmanned Vehicles to Cyber Security: More Than Twenty Years of CIRCA Research Towards Trusted Autonomy
        David Musliner, Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT), USA

        Geo Measurements and Urban Challenges
        GEOProcessing 2015 / ICDS 2015 Expert Panel

        Finding Common Interests in the Co-located Conferences of DigitalWorld2015: Towards a Digital Healthy Planet
        Marike Hettinga, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

        HealthCare Platforms: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges
        eTELEMED 2015 Expert Panel


        NetWare 2014 - Lisbon, Portugal

        Federated Access to High-Performance Computing and Big Data Resources
        Bernd Schuller, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany

        Challenges Towards Secure Internet of Things and Web of Things
        SECURWARE 2014 Expert Panel

        New Hybrid Bandgap Engineering: Rhombohedral Super-Hetero-Epitaxy Technology
        Sang H. Choi, NASA Langley Research Center - Hampton, USA

        Advances in Miniaturization: How Much Still To Go?
        CENICS 2014 / ICQNM 2014 / SENSORDEVICES 2014 Expert Panel

        Redox Sensors for the Control of Process and Waste Waters
        Winfried Vonau, Kurt-Schwabe-Research Institute, Germany

        Information Privacy: Does It Really Matter?
        AFIN 2014 / DEPEND 2014 Expert Panel

        From Big Data to Quality Data: What is the Emerging Sensor and Network Technology Going to Deliver Next?
        Leon Reznik, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

        All Sensors: The Networks of the Future?
        SENSORCOMM 2014 / SENSORDEVICES 2014 Expert Panel


        SoftNet 2014 - Nice, France

        A Uni?ed Framework for Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of Computational Models with Many Input Parameters
        Jeff Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

        Modeling Challenges for Systems Simulation and Validation
        SIMUL 2014 / VALID 2014 Expert Panel

        Software Estimation: Practical Insights & Orphean Research Issues
        Alain Abram, école de Technologie Supérieure in Montréal, Canada

        Lessons Learned on Software Maintenance: Any Relief at Horizon?
        ICSEA 2014 Expert Panel

        Research Challenges and Opportunities for the Development of Complex Systems: An Industrial Perspective
        Philipp Helle, Airbus Group Innovations, Germany

        Centric: A Multi-Facets Paradigm
        CENTRIC 2014 / INNOV 2014 / SOTICS 2014 / ICSNC 2014 Expert Panel


        NexTech 2014 - Rome, Italy

        Big Data and the Customer Decision Journey
        Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics, USA

        Network Protocol Testing: Formal, Active and Passive!
        Stephane Maag, Institute Mines-Telecom, France

        Handling/Optimizing Computation Complexity: Lessons Learned from Domain Applications
        ADVCOMP 2014 / SEMAPRO 2014 / EMERGING 2014 Expert Panel

        How Real-time Analysis Turns Big Medical Data Into Precision Medicine?
        Matthieu-P. Schapranow, Hasso Plattner Institute / University of Potsdam, Germany

        Challenges in Managing Health Linked Big Data
        DATA ANALYTICS 2014 / GLOBAL HEALTH 2014 Expert Panel

        Low-power, Long-range, Precise Localization
        Maarten Weyn, University of Antwerp, Belgium

        Ubiquity + Ambient Environments + Mobility: Are we Better Served?
        UBICOMM 2014 /AMBIENT 2014 Expert Panel


        DataSys 2014 - Paris, France

        Contemporary Satellite Communications
        Branislav Jovic, Defence Technology Agency, New Zealand Defence Force, New Zealand

        Bridging the Web of Data with the Web of Documents
        IMMM 2014 / ICIW 2014 Expert Panel

        The Future Potential of Computer-Based Empirical Modeling
        Ian Flood, University of Florida, USA

        Quality and Risk Assessment in Telecommunications Services
        AICT 2014 / ICIMP 2014 Expert Panel

        Mobile Context-based Services: Current and Future Scenarios
        Amnon Dekel, The Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel

        Achievements and Successful Solutions with Big Data and Computing Challenges: National and International Perspectives
        INFOCOMP 2014 Expert Panel

        Mobility, Smart Cities and Urbanicity: Handling Mobile Citizen Data
        MOBILITY 2014 / SMART 2014 Expert Panel


        InfoWare 2014 - Seville, Spain

        Semantic Approach to Mining Incomplete Data
        Jerzy Grzymala-Busse, University of Kansas, USA

        Facebook, Google, Twitter…: Is This the Internet of the Future?
        INTERNET 2014 / COLLA 2014 Expert Panel

        My Approach to Participatory and User-centred Development
        Seppo V?yrynen, University of Oulu, Finland

        Information, Information, Information… How Much can we Handle?
        ICCGI 2014 Expert Panel

        The Value of Security Protocols on the Example of Smart Grid
        Steffen Fries, Siemens, Germany

        How Much Intelligence is Enough for the Intelligent Systems?
        INTELLI 2014 Expert Panel

        Mobility: Achievements and Challenges
        ICWMC 2014 / VEHICULAR 2014 Expert Panel


        ComputationWorld 2014 - Venice, Italy

        Pinpointing Usability Deficiencies Using an Objective Effort-Based Usability Model
        Dan Tamir, Texas State University, USA

        Challenges in Delivering Large-scale Services over Cloud Environments
        CLOUD COMPUTING 2014 / SERVICE COMPUTATION 2014 Expert Panel

        Chances and Challenges in Developing Future Parallel Applications
        Rudolf Berrendorf, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University, Germany

        Computing Mechanisms Supporting Adaptability: Are There Missing Pieces in the Jigsaw?
        ADAPTIVE 2014 / FUTURE COMPUTING 2014 / COMPUTATION TOOLS 2014 Expert Panel

        A Modular Microservice Architecture for Multi-everything Content Management
        Hans-Werner Sehring, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, Germany

        Visual and Semantic Paradigms for Content Mining and Understanding
        CONTENT 2014 / PATTERNS 2014 Expert Panel

        Imaging in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
        Nikos Makris, Harvard Medical School, USA

        Cognitive Mechanisms and Machine-Brain Interaction
        COGNITIVE 2014 Expert Panel


        InfoSys 2014 & BioSciencesWorld 2014

        Robust Adaptive Control for Infinite-Dimensional Systems with Application to Quantum Information Systems
        Mark J. Balas, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, USA

        Advances on Evolving Communications - Energy Awareness
        ENERGY 2014 / ICNS 2014 Expert Panel

        Intron Retention, a Novel Type of Gene Regulation
        William Ritchie, Centenary Institute, University of Sydney, Australia

        Hide and Seek: An Overview of Information Hiding
        Sathiamoorthy Manoharan, University of Auckland, New Zealand

        Advances on Converging WEB Data and Database Data: Big Data and Small Data via Linked Data
        DBKDA 2014 / WEB 2014 Expert Panel

        GraphSM 2014 Presentations


        DigitalWorld 2014 - Barcelona, Spain

        The Learning World is Not Flat: Leadership, Culture, Community, and Innovation
        Michelle Marquard, Cisco Systems, Inc., USA

        Lessons Learned
        ETELEMED 2014 Expert Panel

        3D Urban Areas Scenes Based on a Hierarchical Clustering Approach and Information Theory [part 1] [part 2]
        Yerach Doytsher, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

        User-centric Interaction Challenges
        ACHI 2014 Expert Panel

        eGovernment and Digital Society:? Accessibility, Usability, Effectiveness, Involvement
        ICDS 2014 Expert Panel

        eKnowledge Enables Patent Precedents to Protect the Way into the Innovation Age
        Sigram Schindler, Teles Patent Rights International, Germany


        NexComm 2014 - Nice, France

        Resiliency Threats to Critical Infrastructure
        Andy Snow, School of Information & Telecommunication Systems, Ohio University, USA

        Threats and Challenges in Modern Communications
        Communications Panel

        Performance Assessment and the Human Factor
        Wolfgang Leister, Norsk Regnesentral, Norway

        Challenges in Multimedia
        MMEDIA 2014 Expert Panel

        Model-Based Systems Engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems
        Mark Austin, University of Maryland, USA

        Information and Intelligent Systems; Current Trends
        ICONS 2014 Expert Panel

        Time Synchronization Challenges in Industrial Networks
        Gy?rgy Kálmán, ABB Corporate Research, Norway

        Modern Approaches and Challenges in Networking
        ICN 2014 Expert Panel


        DataSys 2013 - Lisbon, Portugal

        How much safety is too much? How much control is too much? How much security is too much?
        Richard Lucas, University of Canberra, Australia

        Exa-Intelligence: Next Generations of Intelligent Multi-Agent and High End Computing Systems in Development and Practice
        INFOCOMP2013 Expert Panel

        The Impact of Mobile Computing on ICT Enhanced Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Applications
        Joan Lu, University of Huddersfield, UK

        Mobility as a Ultimate Freedom Technology; Is Something Missing?
        MOBILITY 2013 / INNOV 2013 Expert Panel

        Providing Internet Access to Emerging Economies - The Business of Free Access
        Josef Noll, University of Oslo & Movation, Norway

        Facets on Trust and Doubts in Information Interpretation and Consumption
        IMMM 2013 / SOTICS 2013 Expert Panel

        Auditory Training Technologies for Blind Persons
        Yoshikazu Seki, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan


        SoftNet 2013 - Venice, Italy

        Predicting the Unpredictable in Complex Information Systems
        Kevin Mills, NIST, USA

        Top Challenging Issues for Software Development
        ICSEA 2013 Expert Panel

        Rethinking the Networks Basics
        Renzo Davoli, University of Bologna, Italy

        The Life Management Initiative: Towards User-centric and Personalized Service Provisioning
        Mario Hoffmann, The Fraunhofer-Institution for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC) in Garching, Germany
        Josef Noll, University of Oslo & Movation, Norway

        Challenges for Simulation and Validation
        SIMUL 2013 / VALID 2013 Expert Panel

        User-centric innovation
        Lasse Berntzen, Vestfold University College - T?nsberg, Norway

        Applying User-centered Approaches in a Technology-driven World: Indispensable Premise or Dazzling Promise?
        CENTRIC 201 / ICSNC 2013 Expert Panel


        NexTech 2013 - Porto, Portugal

        Running Scientific Applications with DIRAC in Federated Clouds
        Victor Mendez, Port d'Informació Científica, Spain

        10 Years of Ubiquity: Remaining Challenges
        UBICOMM 2013 Expert Panel

        Innovative Interaction Paradigms using Mobile Location-based Services (warning: large file)
        Wolfgang Narzt, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

        Cognitive-based Computation, Semantic Understanding, and Web Wisdom
        SEMAPRO 2013 / ADVCOMP 2013 / DATA ANALYTICS 2013 Expert Panel

        Multimodal Localization as the Key for Ambient Intelligent Applications
        Maarten Weyn, University of Antwerp, Belgium

        Emerging Services in Ambient Environments
        EMERGING 2013 / AMBIENT 2013 Expert Panel


        NetWare 2013 - Barcelona, Spain

        Lensless ultra-miniature CMOS Computational Imagers and Sensors
        David G. Stork, Rambus Labs, USA

        Advances in Sensor-based Applications and Systems: Next Challenges
        SENSORCOMM 2013 / SENSORDEVICES 2013 Expert Panel

        Nanoscale Optimization of the Direct Electron Transfer Process in Biocathodes Loaded with Multicopper Oxidases
        by Marcos Pita, Instituto de Catalisis y Petroleoquimica, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas - Madrid, Spain

        Security Metrics - Approaches, Problems and Possibilities
        SECURITY 2013 Discussion

        Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Measurement: Past, Present and Future
        by Jacob Y. Wong, Airware, Inc. - Goleta, USA

        Future Internet Infrastructures & Experimental Facilities: The XIFI and the INFINITY Projects
        Monique Calisti, Martel GmbH, Switzerland

        A Coordinated Matrix of RFID Readers as Interactions Input
        Francois Pacull, CEA-LETI Minatec Campus, France

        New Internet Applications and Services Supported via IPv6, IoT, and Security Platforms
        AFIN 2013 / DEPEND 2013 Expert Panel


        InfoWare 2013 - Nice, France

        Wireless Communications Technologies and Research Trends: LTE-A and Beyond
        Abdulrahman Yarali, Murray State University, USA

        Advances in Wireless Communications: Next Challenges
        ICWMC 2013 / VEHICULAR 2013 Exper Panel

        Internet Security
        Dirceu Cavendish, Kyushu Institute of Technology, USA/Japan

        Are the Models Powerful Enough for Information Handling? Missing Jigsaw Pieces
        ICCGI 2013 Expert Panel

        Evolution in Mobile Radio Networks - Multiple Antenna Systems & Flexible Networks
        Wolfgang Aichmann, Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany

        How Much Safe Cooperation Can Internet Handle Now?
        INTERNET 2013 / ACCESS 2013 / COLLA 2013 Expert Panel


        WebTel 2013 - Rome, Italy

        Near Field Communication Technologies for the Internet of Things
        Pascal Urien, Telecom ParisTech, France

        Advances in Signal Processing and Networking Technologies
        AICT 2013 Expert Panel

        Random Access OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Networks
        Erchin Serpedin, Texas A&M University, USA

        Smart Environments: How Smart Can They Be?
        SMART 2013 Expert Panel

        Reducing the Impact of Different Distributed Fading and Shadowing in Channels Using the Diversity Technique
        Dragana Krstic, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis, Serbia

        Human-centered Technologies and Services
        ICIW 2013 Expert Panel

        Lossless Data Compression Standard Applications and the MapReduce Web Computing Framework
        Sergio De Agostino, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy


        ComputationWorld 2013 - Valencia, Spain

        Cognitive Transitions in the Acquisition of Expertise
        Terry Bossomaier, Charles Sturt University, Australia

        Advances on Cognition and Adaptivity for Intelligent Systems
        ADAPTIVE 2013 / COGNITIVE 2013 Expert Panel

        From the Decision Support on the Ground to the Decision Support in the Cloud
        Aida Omerovic, SINTEF, Norway

        Cloud, Virtualization, High Performance…. Are the Expected Services There?
        ComputationWorld-at-large Expert Panel

        Advances on Information Mining
        CONTENTS 2013 / PATTERNS 2013 Expert Panel

        Event Processing Concepts and Technologies in Information Systems: History and Current Trends
        Arne Koschel, Fachhochschule Hannover, Germany

        Challenges in Future Computation Techniques and Tools
        FUTURE COMPUTING 2013 / COMPUTATION TOOLS 2013 Expert Panel

        Content Management in the Cloud: A Case of Interoperability of Services Across Organizational Boundaries
        Hans-Werner Sehring, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH - Hamburg, Germany

        10 Years of Hype Cycles - Do We Forget Knowledge?
        CLOUD COMPUTING 2013 / SERVICE COMPUTATION 2013 Expert Panel


        NexComm 2013 - Venice, Italy

        Key Trends and Research Directions in Intelligent Systems
        Jay Liebowitz, University of Maryland - Adelphi, USA

        Techniques and Devices for Enhancing (Tele)Communication Capabilities
        SPACOMM 2013 / ICDT 2013 Expert Panel

        Communication: A Specific High-level View and Modeling Approach
        Hermann Kaindl, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

        Progress in Description and Retrieval of Complex Multimedia Information
        MMEDIA 2013 / MOPAS 2013 Expert Panel

        Trends and Research Directions in Future Networked and Service Systems
        Alex Galis, University College London, U.K.

        Technical Aspects for Internet’s Future Social Promises
        CTRQ 2013 / PESARO 2013 / COCORA 2013 Expert Panel

        Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Systems: How to Combine German Mechanics with Italian Love
        Michael Negnevitsky, University of Tasmania, Australia

        Advances in Intelligent Human-computer Interaction Systems
        INTELLI 2013 Expert Panel


        BioSciencesWorld 2013 - Lisbon, Portugal

        Implications of Arctic Sea Ice Reduction on Bromine Explosion, Ozone Depletion, and Mercury Deposition
        Son V. Nghiem, JET/NASA & CalTech, USA

        Are the Current BIO-models Powerful Enough?
        BIONATURE / BIOTECHNO 2013 Expert Panel


        InfoSys 2013 - Lisbon, Portugal

        Transport and Networking: Future Internet Trends
        Eugen Borcoci, University Politechnica Bucharest, Romania

        How Much Autonomous can be the Autonomous Systems? From Dreams to Facts!
        ICAS 2013 Expert Panel

        Energy Storing Challenges and Future Technologies
        ENERGY 2013 Expert Panel

        Electric Vehicles as Grid Storage: A Fine-grained Simulation for Feasibility Analysis of Vehicle to Grid
        Mark Apperley, University of Waikato, New Zealand

        SCADA/ICS Security in an Insecure Domain
        Robert M. Lee, hackINT, USA

        Content/Information-centric, User-centric, System-centric,..: Different Dimensions or Different Directions? Any Preference?
        ICNS 2013 Expert Panel

        How to Add Value and Increase Income with Vendors Resources
        Mak Sharma, Birmingham City University, UK


        DigitalWorld 2013 - Nice, France

        Be Bright or be Dead:? Knowledge Management for Hazardous Working Environments
        by Dirk Malzahn,OrgaTech GmbH, Germany

        Unlocking the black box: how technology can make interventions more persuasive and productive
        by Lisette van Gemert, University of Twente - Enschede, The Netherlands

        Magnetic Levitation Haptic Interaction
        Peter Berkelman, University of Hawaii, USA

        Devices and Technologies Get Closer to Humans: Can We Handle Them?
        ACHI 2013 Expert Panel

        Geosciences in the Age of Knowledge: Tackling the Complex and Challenging World of Future Geo-application Scenarios
        GEOProcessing 2013 Expert Panel

        User-driven services
        Lasse Berntzen, Vestfold University College ? T?nsberg, Norway

        Knowledge-based Society: How Far Are We from Access for All?
        ICDS/eKNOW/eLmL 2013 Expert Panel

        Continuous and Updated 3D Geospatial Terrain Modelling: Issues and Challenges
        Yerach Doytsher, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

        Integrated Care and Telemedicine: Any Visible Progress?
        eTelemed 2013 Expert Panel


        GlobeNet 2013 - Seville, Spain

        About Bitmap Indexes
        Andreas Schmidt, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences & Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

        Challenges in Modern Networking
        ICN 2013 Expert Panel

        Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications
        Prof. Dr. Lucio Tommaso De Paolis, Salento University, Italy

        New Tendencies in User-Centric System
        ICONS 2013 Expert Panel

        Quality of Service in Industrial Ethernet Networks
        Gyorgy Kalman, ABB Corporate Research, Norway

        The Science of Networks
        Pramode Verma, The University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, USA

        DBKDA / WEB Panel: Converging WEB Data and Database Data: Myth, Dream, or Possible Reality!


        SoftNet 2012 - Lisbon, Portugal

        Quality Analysis of Service-Oriented Architectures
        Michael Gebhart, Gebhart Quality Analysis (QA) 82, Germany

        Model-Based Testing for Enterprise Application Software: from Business Processes and Business Rules to Tests
        Fabien Peureux, University of Franche-Comté, France

        Challenges in Testing and Validation of Hardware/Software Systems
        Expert Panel

        Mutation Testing
        Jameleddine Hassine, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KSA

        Normalized Systems: Towards Designing Evolvable Modular Structures
        Herwig Mannaert, University of Antwerp, Belgium

        Envisioning the Next Software Development Era
        Roy Oberhauser, Aalen University, Germany

        User-Centric Requirements of Hardware/Software Systems
        Expert Panel


        DataSys 2012 - Venice, Italy

        Computational Anatomy: Multi-organ Modeling and Analysis in Abdominal CT
        Marius George Linguraru, Children's National Medical Center - Washington DC, USA

        Future High End Systems: Chances and Challenges for Intelligent Applications and Infrastructures
        INFOCOMP 2012 Expert Panel

        Security, Privacy and Dependability in Mobile Networks
        Josef Noll, University of Oslo/UNIK, Norway

        Robust Computing Systems
        H.J. Siegel, Colorado State University - Fort Collins, USA

        360 Degree View on Global Health Challenges
        GLOBAL HEALTH 2012 Expert Panel

        Social Mechanisms for Better Information Discovery and Interpretation
        IMMM 2012 / SOTICS 2012 Expert Panel

        Advanced Signal Processing for Medical Technologies as Non-Invasive Diagnostic Systems for Non-Visible Internal Injury
        Stergios Stergiopoulos, DRDC - Toronto | University of Toronto, Canada

        Next Steps for Enhanced Mobility
        MOBILITY 2012 / INNOV 2012 Expert Panel


        NexTech 2013 - Barcelona, Spain

        Opportunistic Networks
        Jorge García Vidal, Technical University of Catalonia - Barcelona, Spain

        Challenges in Selecting Massive Data for Quick Analysis
        DATA ANALYTICS 2012 Expert Panel

        Big Data Decision Making: Real-time Optimization for Real-world Problems
        Sandjai Bhulai, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

        Ubiquity for Everyone; Are we There?
        UBICOMM 2012 Expert Panel

        Context Awareness in Ambient Environments: Theory vs. Practice
        Maarten Weyn, Artesis University College of Antwerp, Belgium

        Ambient Environments and Ambient Intelligence: Where is the Boundary Between Fiction and Future Reality
        AMBIENT 2012 Expert Panel

        Advanced Features in Emerging Systems and Technologies
        EMERGING 2012 / AP2PS 2012 Expert Panel

        Farewell to Deterministic Networks
        Antonio Liotta, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

        Complex and Semantic Computations: Can They be Simpler?
        ADVCOMP 2012 / SEMAPRO 2012 Expert Panel


        NetWare 2012 - Rome, Italy

        Security Considerations for the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
        Rainer Falk, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, Germany

        Advances in Security, Trust and Dependability in Internet
        SECURWARE 2012 / DEPEND 2012 / AFIN 2012 Expert Panel

        Global Director for Sensors
        Stephane Gervais-Ducouret, Freescale, France

        Advances in Sensors Networks and Services
        SENSORCOMM 2012 Expert Panel

        Sensor Based Risk Assessment for the Supply of Dangerous Products
        Laurent Gomez, SAP Research France, France

        WISH: Protocol Awareness: A Step Towards Smarter Sensors
        Francois Pacull, CEA-Leti Minatec, France

        Smartphone Sensing: What Sensors Would we Like to Have in the Future Smartphones?
        Serghei Yurish, IFSA, Spain

        Net Neutrality and Future Internet Models
        Alessandro Bogliolo, University of Urbino, Italy

        Challenges in Nano/Micro Electronics and Nano/Micro Materials Technologies
        ICQNM 2012 / CENICS 2012 Expert Panel


        ComputationWorld 2012 - Nice, France

        From a Desktop to a Supercomputer, Cluster, Grid, Cloud, InterCloud: Where my Research Code Should Run?
        Dana Petcu, West University of Timisoara, Romania

        Advances in Adaptive Mechanisms for Cognition Processes
        ADAPTIVE 2012 / COGNITIVE 2012 Expert Panel

        Formal Engineering of Resilient Systems: Achievements and Challenges
        Elena Troubitsyna, ?bo Akademi University Finland

        Support System for Elderly People in Daily Life
        Shunji Shiumizu, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

        Discovering Content via Patterns
        CONTENT 2012 / PATTERNS 2012 Expert Panel

        Clouds Meet Energy and Resources Savings for Society Services
        CLOUD COMPUTING 2012 / SERVICE COMPUTATION 2012 Expert Panel

        The Dual Nature of Service Orientation with Exertions
        Michael Sobolowski, Texas Tech University, USA

        Emerging Computing Paradigms and Their Theoretical and Practical Support Tools
        FUTURE COMPUTING 2012 / COMPUTATION TOOLS 2012 Expert Panel


        InfoWare 2012 - Venice, Italy

        Collaboration using ICT
        Lasse Berntzen, Vestfold University College - T?nsberg, Norway

        Cooperation and Collaboration: Popular Trend or Tangible Benefit
        COLLA 2012 Expert Panel

        The Real Value of Virtual Currency
        INTERNET 2012 / ACCESS 2012 Expert Panel

        The Next Hops Towards Everywhere, Anytime, ....
        ICWMC 2012 Expert Panel

        Networking Technology Trend in Japan
        Akira Arutaki, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

        Data Jigsaw: Do We Understand It?
        ICCGI 2012 Expert Panel


        WebTel 2012 - Stuttgart, Germany

        Communication Challenges for the Next Generation Power Grid
        Harald Gjermundr?d

        Playing Smart Devices and Being Protected: Myth or Reality
        SMART 2012 / ICIMP 2012 Expert Panel

        Research Challenges for Smart Information Systems
        Wolfgang Leister

        Advances in Telecommunications
        AICT 2012 Expert Panel

        QoS Support in Unified Network Architectures: Challenges and a Possible Solution
        Emanuel Puschita

        From Google Map to Web Self-services: A View on Internet and Web Marriage
        ICIW 2012 Expert Panel

        Energy Adaptive Computing
        Krishna Kant


        NexComm 2012 - Chamonix / Mont Blanc, France

        Applications of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms in the Fields of Autonomous Robots and Vehicle Engineering
        by Mattias Wahde

        Terrestrial and Spatial Convergence of Communications: Were Are We?
        ICDT / SPACOMM / CTRQ / PESARO Expert Panel

        Integrating the Physical World through the Cyber World: Federated Sensor Networks Prospects and Challenges
        by Adnan Al-Anbuky

        Advances on Content Building and Retrieval
        MMEDIA 2012 / MOPAS 2012 Expert Panel

        Only Everybody Knows the Truth
        Philip Davies

        Intelligent User Behavior and Intelligent Systems: A Best Match
        INTELLI 2012 Expert Panel


        InfoSys 2012 & BioSciencesWorld 2012 - St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

        A Mesh Fairy Tale
        Vladimir Sulc

        Evolution of User Behavior with New Networking Paradigms and Service Offers
        ICNS 2012 Expert Panel

        Research Directions in Sensor Networks
        Kendall Nygard

        How Optimal are the Current Energy Systems?
        ENERGY 2012 Expert Panel

        Pollution Control and Sustainability Challenges of the Ironmaking and Steelmaking Operations
        Vladimir Strezov

        Challenging Issues on Automatic Control
        ICAS 2012 Expert Panel


        GlobeNet 2012 - Saint Gilles, Reunion Island

        In-Memory Data Management for Enterprise Applications
        Jens Krueger

        On the Quality of Non-structured Data
        DBKDA 2012 Expert Panel

        Challenges in Implementing IT Service Management Systems
        Marko J?ntti

        Oracle Labs: Leading the Way in Hardware Software Co-design
        Nipun Agarwal

        Requirements Engineering for Software vs. Systems in General
        ICONS 2012 Expert Panel

        Environments, Services and Network Management for Green Clouds
        Carlos Becker Westphall

        Consuming Norwegian Linked Open Data: Applications in Regional Development and Environmentally Friendly Behavior
        Dumitru Roman

        Internet at Crossroads!
        ICN 2012 Expert Panel


        DigitalWorld 2012 - Valencia, Spain

        ePortfolios: A Vision of Their Use as a Life Record, from Birth to Death
        Stephen White

        Adapting Interfaces Based on User Needs
        Leslie Miller

        Challenges in Handling Large Data Volume for GEO Processing
        GEOProcessing 2012 PANEL

        Internalizing Externalities for Improving Computing Architectures: Trust, Privacy, Regulation, and Intellectual Property Rights
        Mark Perry

        Industrial Presentation: g.tec - Accelerate your Bio-signal Research
        Julita de la Vega Arias

        Web 2.0 Valorization Toolkits to Increase the Uptake of eHealth Technologies
        eTELEMED 2012 PANEL

        E-Assessment of Creative Tasks
        Herbert Kuchen

        ePractice.eu - The Community Building Platform
        Eleni Galyfianaki

        Accessibility/Usability Through Advanced Interactive Devices
        ACHI/ICDS 2012 PANEL

        How do we Know what we Know?Knowledge Management Challenges in Industry
        Dirk Malzahn

        Learning Analytics: Goal, Methods, Trends
        eKNOW/eLmL 2012 PANEL


        NexTech 2011 - Lisbon, Portugal

        Epidemic Protocols in P2P Computing
        by Giuseppe Di Fatta

        Testbeds and Large-Scale deployments for Future Internet Research and Experimentation
        by Jorge Pereira

        Multimedia data Distribution and Processing in IP Networks
        Eva Hladká

        New Trends on Odor Sensing and Classification
        Sigeru Omatu

        Emerging Technologies
        EMERGING 2011 PANEL

        Does Ubiquity have Limits?
        UBICOMM 2011 PANEL

        PECES 2011 Presentations
        ETRA Demo
        ETRA Introduction
        ETRA Tools
        FEA Demo
        Active vs Passive
        UDE Technology
        UNEW Demo
        UNEW Dev Tools


        DataSys 2011 and SoftNet 2011 - Barcelona, Spain

        Challenges in Advanced Computing - Multi-this and Multi-that
        by Hans-Joachim Bungartz

        Complex Search: From Lookup to Understanding
        by Ulrich Norbisrath

        Seismic Acquisition and Processing Systems - Applications from Applied Geophysics
        by Charlotte M. Krawczyk


        ComputationWorld 2011 - Rome, Italy

        The Sky Looks Cloudy but there is a Clear Corner
        Massimo Villari

        Challenges on Services, Computation, and Cloud Approaches
        PANEL (Moderator: Massimo Villari, University of Messina, Italy)

        Linguistic Geometry (LG): Adversarial Reasoning for Real Life Problems
        by Boris Stilman

        Advanced Mechanisms in Capturing Adaptive and Cognitive Behaviors
        PANEL (Moderator: Terry Bossomaier, Charles Sturt University, Australia)

        Content Management: An Area of Research and a Melting Pot of Approaches from Neighboring Fields
        by Hans-Werner Sehring

        Nature-Inspired Optimization: Human and Animal Decision-Making
        Hideyasu Sasaki

        Looking for Patterns in Content: From Design to End-Users Consumption
        PANEL (Moderator: Hans-Werner Sehring, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, Germany)

        Business through Technologies or Technologies through Business


        NetWare 2011 - Nice/Saint Laurent du Var, France

        Freescale’s Sensors for Low-Power Devices
        Jacques Trichet, Freescale, France

        Challenges in Building Sensor Networks with Special Sensor Devices

        Nano‐Particle Image Velocimetry (nPIV): Data Reduction Challenges
        Reza Sadr, Texas A&M University at Qatar

        Challenges in Applying Nano/Micro Technologies to Sensor Devices

        Security and Trust
        Robert Forster, Edgemount Solutions, USA

        Security Challenges and Safety Control in Future Internet
        AFIN 2011, DEPEND 2011, SECURWARE 2011, MESH 2011 PANEL

        User-centric wireless local loop: use cases and socio-economic aspects
        Alessandro Bogliolo, University of Urbino, Italy


        InfoWare 2011 - Luxembourg

        A Virtual Networking Architecture
        Damien Magoni

        Challenges in Signal Processing, Global Information and Mobile Communications
        ICCGI 2011 PANEL

        From IPTV to mobile TV and over-the-top TV
        Alessandro Bogliolo

        Open Internet and Net Neutrality
        ACCESS 2011 / INTERNET 2011 PANEL

        Acoustic Echo Cancellation. Challenges and Perspectives
        Constantin Paleologu


        BioSciencesWorld 2011 - Venice/Mestre, Italy

        Microbial community structure and function of two deep-sea brine pools from the Red Sea
        Pei-Yuan Qian

        Turmoil in the Global Biosphere - A View from Space
        S. V. Nghiem, P. Clemente-Colón, I. G. Rigor, D. K. Perovich, and G. Neumann

        Advances in BioSystems
        BIOTECHNO 2011 PANEL

        Advances on Sustainable Energy
        BIONATURE 2011 PANEL


        InfoSys 2011 - Venice/Mestre, Italy

        Future Networks Design Goals and Challenges - A Viewpoint from ITU-T
        Alex Galis

        An Introduction to Evolving Systems: Adaptive Key Component Control with Persistent Disturbance Rejection
        Mark J. Balas

        Securing the Smart Grid
        Steffen Fries

        Towards Smarter Networking
        ICNS 2011 PANEL

        Challenges in Automation and Adaptation
        ICAS 2011 PANEL

        Challenges in Smart Grid and Energy Management
        INTENSIVE 2011 / ENERGY 2011 PANEL


        NexComm 2011 - Budapest, Hungary

        MIMO Technologies Used in Latest Generation of Mobile Communication Systems
        by Andrei Alexandru Enescu

        Converging Telecommunications: Paved Ways or Plenty of Bumps?
        ICDT 2011 / SPACOMM 2011 PANEL

        Deployment of Embedded Systems - A Challenge for Management
        by Bernhard Hulin

        Capturing Non-Operational Requirements for Telecommunications Systems
        CTRQ 2011 / COCORA 2011 / PESARO 2011 PANEL

        Advanced Security and Reliability Challenges for Multimedia Networks and Services
        by Michael Massoth

        The Most Challenging Issues in MultiMedia are…
        MMEDIA 2011 / MOPAS 2011 PANEL

        A Model-driven, Component-based and Service-oriented Approach for Designing an Autonomic Transport Protocol
        by Ernesto Exposito


        WebTel 2011 - St. Maarten, The Netherlands Antilles

        Topic: Terahertz Electronics
        by Michael Shur

        Modern Telecommunications: Architectures versus Computation Models
        AICT 2011 / ICIMP 2011 PANEL

        Topic: Services, Clouds and Robots
        Mihhail Matskin

        Service Science: Hype or Reality
        ICIW 2011 PANEL

        Where are we going with non-proximate communication?
        Mark Perry


        DigitalWorld 2011 - Gosier, Guadeloupe, France

        Grassroot e-Campaigns Finally Shows Large Scale Impact
        Lasse Berntzen

        eKnowledge and eLearning in Digital Era: Needs and Resources
        eKNOW 2011 and eL&mL 2011 PANEL

        Grounding eHealth: The Need for a Human Centred and Value-driven Approach
        Lisette J. E. W. van Gemert-Pijnen

        Towards Global Healthcare: Are the Needed Technologies and Business Models Here?
        eTELEMED 2011 PANEL

        Web-based Health Communities for Self-help Groups
        ?sa Smedberg

        Privacy Invasion and Protection in Digital Society
        ICDS 2011, CYBERLAWS 2011, and GEOProcessing 2011 PANEL

        Denial to Hope: eLearning Experiences From the Trenches
        Colla Jean MacDonald

        Does Human-Machine Interaction Go Too Complex?
        ACHI 2011 PANEL


        GlobeNet 2011 - St. Maarten, The Netherlands Antilles

        Smart Sensor Systems Integration: New Challenges
        Sergey Yurish

        Dealing with Network Performance
        ICN 2011 Panel

        Social Media Analytics
        Freimut Bodendorf

        Challenges in Designing Modern Systems
        ICONS 2011 Panel

        Effective Management and Exploration of Scientific Data on the Web
        Lena Str?mb?ck

        Will Dataspaces Make Data Integration Obsolete?
        DBKDA 2011 Panel


        ComputationWorld 2010 - Lisbon, Portugal

        Advances in Computational Sciences: from HPC to Grids to Clouds
        Wolfgang Gentzsch

        Automated Metadata Extraction Services
        Kurt Maly

        A Model-based Methodology for Developing Secure Tactical Systems
        Juan C. Pelaez

        Self-Organizing Maps for Exploratory Data Analysis and Multidimentional Data Visualization
        Victor Lobo

        New Challenges and Opportunities in Cloud Computing
        Cloud and Supporting Tools Panel

        Awareness and Adaptation in Service Computation and Delivery
        Services, Adaptation and Future Computing Panel

        Semantic-Content, Learning Objects and Beyond
        Content, Patterns and Cognitive Technologies Panel


        NexTech 2010 - Florence, Italy

        Emerging Technologies for Collective Intelligence
        Nik Bessis

        Ubiquity for Everyone: What is Missing?
        UBICOMM 2010 Panel

        Smart Grids: Architecture, Energy and Communication Future Trends
        Reda Reda

        Advanced and Semantic Computing for Complex Situations
        ADVCOMP 2010 / SEMAPRO 2010 Panel

        If Objects Could Talk: Novel Resource Discovery Approaches in Pervasive Environments
        Michele Ruta

        Emerging Communications Solutions
        AP2PS 2010 / EMERGING 2010 Panel

        The Prospects of Self-aware Networks
        Antonio Liotta


        InfoWare 2010 - Valencia, Spain

        Challenges in Handling Information Diversity
        ICCGI 2010 Panel

        Internet Connectivity for Wireless Sensor Networks
        Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues

        Mobility As the State of Being! [additional slides]
        ICWMC 2010 Panel

        Wireless Sensors Network Based Safe Home to Care Elderly People
        Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay

        Internet of Tomorrow: Is It For Everybody!?
        INTERNET 2010 and ACCESS 2010 Panel

        Hot Topics and Future Developments
        Young Researchers Panel

        Traffic and Network Flow Model for Assessing Impact of 3D Applications on Future Internet
        Jonathan K.K. Loo


        SoftNet 2010 - Nice, France

        On the Cloud Computing Frontier
        David Bernstein

        Challenges in Deploying Systems and Networks
        ICSNC 2010 Panel

        Advances on Centric Paradigms
        CENTRIC 2010 Panel

        Software Engineering for Management
        Luigi Lavazza

        Simulating Costs and Benefits of SBI in an EAP
        Diglio A. Simoni

        Challenges in simulations: large scale, education, performance
        SIMUL 2010 Panel

        Challenges in Testing and Validating Complex Systems
        VALID 2010 Panel


        NetWare 2010 - Venice, Italy

        IP for Smart Object Networks: The Internet of Things
        Jean-Phillippe Vasseur

        Rollout of Security Credentials in Industrial Environments
        Rainer Falk

        Future Internet Challenges and Direction in European Research - (FIA) Future Internet Assembly
        Alex Galis

        Security in Sensors/Devices/Mesh/Internet infrastructures
        Expert Panel

        Challenges in Future Internet
        Expert Panel


        NexComm 2010 - Athens, Greece

        Communications and Networking Research Towards the Reliable and Efficient Interplanetary Internet
        Igor Bisio

        Acceleration Techniques in Satellite Communications
        Mohaned Juwad

        Tendencies and Challenges in Space Communications
        SPACOMM 2010 Panel

        Multimodal Interaction for the Non-Desktop User
        Max Mühlh?user

        Tendencies and Challenges in MultiMedia
        MMEDIA 2010 Panel

        Applications of digital Multimedia in Disabilities
        Forouzan Golshani

        Tendencies and Challenges in Signal Processing, Modeling and Telecommunications
        ICDT 2010 / CTRQ 2010 / MOPAS 2010 Panel

        Architectural Rules to Guarantee QoS in Multi-domains Multi-technologies Networks
        by Michel Diaz


        WebTel 2010 - Barcelona, Spain

        Mobile Services: the Challenge of 21st Century
        ICIW 2010 Panel

        Tendencies in Monitoring and Protecting Large (Cloud) Systems
        ICIMP 2010 Panel

        Challenges in Advanced Communications and Services
        AICT 2010 Panel


        GlobeNet 2010 - Menuires, The Three Valleys, French Alps, France

        Multimedia Data Distribution and Processing in IP Networks
        Eva Hladka

        Scale, Responsiveness and Innovation in Future Networking
        ICN 2010 Panel

        Cyber-physical systems for aeronautical applications
        Daniela Dragomirescu

        Robustness in Real-time Complex Systems
        ICONS 2010 Panel

        I have a Dream - Vision on Database Technology
        Friedrich Laux

        NoSQL (Not only SQL) Databases
        DBKDA 2010 Panel


        BioSciencesWorld 2010 - Cancun, Mexico

        Methods for Measuring Offshore Wind Climatology
        Son V. Nghiem

        Challenges in Bio-technologies, Systems and Environments
        BioSciencesWorld 2010 Panel


        InfoSys 2010 - Cancun, Mexico

        Trends in Networking and Services [followup comments]
        ICNS 2010 Panel

        Robustness and Trust in Autonomic Systems
        ICAS 2010 Panel

        Intrusion Detection using Artificial Intelligence
        Juan J. Flores

        The Nature of Robust and Reliable Communications: Theory and Applications
        Alois Goiser


        DigitalWorld 2010 - St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

        Web 2.0 Use by Businesses and Governments
        Lasse Berntzen

        Assessment of Quality in Education - the Way for Reputation Building
        Dumitru Dan Burdescu

        Intelligent Robotics: Perception, Reasoning, Actuation and Human Interaction
        Ray Jarvis

        Digital Society Trends: Challenges of Privacy and Anonymity in the Information Society
        CYBERLAWS 2010 Panel

        Digital Society Trends: Technology Challenges for Healthcare
        eTELEMED 2010 Panel (IT)

        Digital Society Trends: Challenges of eTELEMED for Changing Healthcare
        eTELEMED 2010 Panel (Health Care)

        Digital Society Trends: Geospatial Processing Challenges
        GEOProcessing 2010 Panel

        Digital Society Trends: Bumps in Endorsing eLearning by the Society
        eL&mL 2010 Panel

        Digital Society Trends: How to use Business Modeling for Design and Implementation of Healthcare Technology?
        BUSMMed 2010 Panel

        Digital Society Trends: Challenges in Distributed Knowledge
        eKNOW 2010 Panel

        Digital Society Trends: New Forms of Machine-Human Interactions
        ACHI 2010 Panel

        Digital Society Trends: Challenges on Large Scale Use of QNM Technologies
        ICQNM 2010 Panel

        Digital Society Trends: Societal Challenges from eHealth to eCommerce via eGovernment
        ICDS 2010 Panel


        ComputationWorls 2009 - Athens/Glyfada, Greece

        The Tempestuous Future of Computing - Every Cloud Engenders not a Storm
        Paul J. Geraci

        Adaptiveness and Cognition: Towards Evolving Systems
        Expert Panel

        Infrastructures and Technologies for Future Computing - Convergence of Bandwidth, Clouds, and Smart Devices
        Wolfgang Gentzsch

        Service Computing: Challenges and Achievements
        Expert Panel

        Is Future Computing Driven by Content?
        Expert Panel

        Services - The Next Major Frontier for Research & Innovation
        Krishna Singh

        Patterns: Capturing Preventing and Reacting Facets of the Systems Behavior
        Expert Panel

        The Intercloud: Cloud Interoperability at Internet Scale
        David Bernstein


        NexTech 2009 - Sliema, Malta

        P2P Development: Do you need a lawyer?
        Alessandro Liotta

        Grids and Clouds for e-Science Applications
        Wolfgang Gentzsch

        Tools and Services for Data Intensive Research
        Roger S. Barga


        SoftNet 2009 - Porto, Portugal

        European Technology Platform NESSI: delivering building blocks for the creation of service based ecosystems
        Aljosa Pasic

        Future Internet - challenges for the mobile world
        Rui Luís Aguiar

        We are confused about what software engineering activities we are performing!
        Mira Kajko-Mattsson

        Long-term Perspective of Agile Methods
        ICSEA 2009 Expert Panel


        InfoWare 2009 - Cannes/La Bocca, France

        Computing Infrastructures for the Global Information Age
        Dr. Wolfgang Gentzsch

        Future Vision of Business Oriented Innovations in the Wireless and Mobile Communications Sector. 3G, LTE, 4G and Beyond
        Reda Reda

        Future Internet: Challenges, Perspectives, and Beyond
        INTERNET 2009 Expert Panel


        NexComm 2009 - Colmar, France

        Multimedia, Quo vadis?
        Laszlo B?sz?rmenyi

        Thinking of a Picture and Finding it: Evolving MMedia Computer Interfaces
        MMEDIA 2009 Expert Panel

        Challenges and Hopes in Space Navigation and Communication: From Nano- to Macro-satellites
        SPACOMM 2009 Expert Panel

        Sigma-Point Kalman Filters for Multipath Channel Estimation in CDMA Networks
        Zahid Ali, Mohamed Deriche, Adnan Landalousi


        NetWare 2009 - Athens/Glyfada, Greece

        Industrial Challenges in Working with Events
        Petre Dini

        Underwater Sensor Networks: The physical layer
        Jens M. Hovem


        WebTel 2009 - Venice/Mestre, Italy

        Future Internet: Challenges in Virtualization and Federation
        Expert Panel

        e-Infrastructures for data and compute intensive applications [Networks, Grids, Clouds, P2P, and applications: how do they come together?]
        Wolfgang Gentzsch


        InfoSys 2009 - Valencia, Spain

        Automatic testing and measurement of QoE in IPTV using image and video comparison
        Antonio González

        e-Infrastructure Security versus Anonymity and Privacy
        Expert Panel

        e-Infrastructures for Compute and Date Intensive Applications
        Wolfgang Gentzsch

        Autonomous Robots: Basic structure and two partial implementations
        by Henning Tolle

        The COMDES Network and Emergency Management Systems: Integration with the Valencia Local Police
        Juan Manuel Medina

        A Viewpoint on the Management of the Future Internet
        Joan Serrat

        Effectiveness of Learning Methodologies and Platforms
        LMPCNA Panel


        GlobeNet 2009 - Cancun, Mexico

        Goals and Policies for Telephony
        Kenneth J. Turner

        From maximum independent node sets to sparse subnetworks: an overview of problems and solution methods
        Aristotelis Giannakos

        Data Management for the Web: XML Standardization and Database Technology
        Lena Str?mb?ck


        DigitalWorld 2009 - Cancun, Mexico

        Next Generation of Global e-Infrastructures for Research, Industry, and Education
        Wolfgang Gentzsch

        Service Selection via Extreme Geotagging
        Dumitru Roman and Vlad Tanasescu

        Carrier and spin injection in ZnMnSe/CdSe nanostructures
        by Weimin Chen

        Quasiperiodic Quasi-One-Dimensional Metallic Nano-Structures
        Paul M. Grant

        Digital decision aids at the Dutch national health and care portal www.kiesBeter.nl
        Hans C. Ossebaard

        Sharing the experience of the National Programme for IT in the NHS in England
        Mariano Groiso

        Establishment of a Sustainable Telehealth Service for Pre-Admission Clinic Consultations
        Shayne Stenhouse

        Improving Workplace Health and Physician Health and Wellness: The Online Learning Solution
        Colla MacDonald

        Towards Utilizing Open Data for Interactive Knowledge Transfer
        Monika Steinberg and Jürgen Brehm


        Sliema, Malta - 2008

        Designing Evolutionary Architecture-centric Component-based Software Product
        Hassan Gomaa

        ICSEA 2008 Panel [1] [2] [3]

        I-CENTRIC 2008 Panel [1]

        ICSNC 2008 Panel [1] [2] [3]

        Valencia, Spain - 2008

        Naviki: A Process to fuse Bicycle Tracks automatically
        Sven Luzar

        Video traffic optimization in mobile wireless environments using adaptive applications
        David Esteban

        LBS 2.0: Enabling User-driven Provision and Context-aware Utilisationof Location-based Services
        Matthias B?hmer, Gernot Bauer, Wolfgang Wicht

        Hyperspectral imaging: sensors, algorithms and challenges
        Javier Calpe-Maravilla

        Researching Research: Are we going the right way?
        Mischa Dohler


        Cap Esterel, France - 2008

        Dependability and Security in Complex and Critical Information Systems [1][2][3][4]

        The Internet of things
        Jean Philippe Vasseur

        NNN- New Nerve Network for Northern Waters
        Jens M. Hovem

        ‘Express Forwarding’: A Distributed QoS MAC Protocol for Wireless Mesh
        Mathilde Benveniste


        Bucharest, Romania - 2008

        Advanced Paradigms for Building Convergent Next Generation Services - Service Composition and Service Brokerage in Multimedia Architectures
        Sorin Georgescu

        Estimation of Clock Parameters and Performance Benchmarks for Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
        Qasim M. Chaudhari and Erchin Serpedin

        Application of chemometrics for advanced bioprocess monitoring and simulation in view of the FDA′s PAT intiative
        Markus Luchner

        Quality of Service Management in Heterogeneous Networks
        Michel Diaz


        Athens, Greece - 2008

        Peer-to-Peer Overlays for Scalable Service Access
        Georgios Exarchakos and Nick Antonopoulos

        WIMS 2.0: Converging IMS and Web 2.0. New multimedia services for telecom networks
        David Lozano Llanos

        Implementing a Knowledge-driven Hierarchical Context Model in a Medical Laboratory Information System
        Jaan Pruulmann and Jan Willemson

        Web-Based Information Systems for the Agile Economy: Enablers and Challenges
        Herwig Mannaert


        Gosier, Guadeloupe - 2008

        Towards Anticipative Management of Systems and Networks
        Petre Dini
        Alex Clemm


        Sainte Luce, Martinique - 2008

        The?Digital?Society: Better government services and new opportunities for democratic participation
        Lasse Berntzen

        Working, Communicating and Learning with IT
        ?sa Smedberg


        Papeete, French Polynesia (Tahiti) - 2007

        MANA Presentation
        Pierre Perrey

        Leveraging the Power of the Web for Science and Focusing on Development Simplicity
        Roger S. Barga


        Valencia, Spain - 2007

        Security in Embedded Systems - Challenges and Opportunities
        Octavio Nieto

        Wireless Sensor Networks: From Science to Reality
        Kay Roemer

        Why IP for Sensor Networks ?
        Jean Philippe Vasseur

        Cryptography and Quantum Key Distribution: A Telecom Insight
        Arturo Ortigosa and Jose Capmany

        Novel Fiber Optic Sensing Architectures Based on Sensitive Nanofilms
        Ignacio R. Matias


        Cap Esterel, France - 2007

        IMS: An Architecture for Convergent Next Generation Multimedia Services. Research and Standardisation Challenges
        Sorin Georgescu, Ericsson, Canada


        San Jose, USA - 2007

        IP Networking over Satellite for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
        Klaus-Peter Doerpelkus, Cisco Systems Inc

        The IT Risk Management Era - Research Challenges and Best Practices
        Eyal Adar

        Inspirations from Multiple Race Track Athletics for Multimedia Communications Traffic Engineering: Opportunities and Challenges
        Sudip Misra


        Athens, Greece - 2007

        Realizing tangible business value from the fusion of autonomous and autonomic technologies
        Dominic Greenwood


        Morne, Mauritius - 2007

        Metro Access
        Tulin Atmaca and Viet Hung Nguyen

        Where now for P2P? (PowerPoint version)
        James Walkerdine


        Sainte Luce, Martinique - 2007

        Designing IT for Health Care from First Requirements
        Voicu Z. Groza


        Guadeloupe, French Caribbean - 2007

        IPv6 Multicast
        Stig Venaas

        A Resilient Internet for Mission Critical Applications
        Stein Gjessing